Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas to Make Room More Attractive

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Fireplace mantel decorating ideas are plenty to make your rooms attractive, colorful and beautiful than before.  What can bright hues do to your room if they are placed right beside the wood mantel shelves? The answer can be guessed, the colors can add life to the entire room setting, making it more pleasant to the eyes. I know that many people don’t get enough time due to office chaos for stuff like home décor and interior designing, but it’s a kind of neglecting an important part of your life because your home is the place where you are protected, you feel free and where you spent thirty percent of your time.

fireplace mantel decor

Stylish ship for fireplace decor

This is common for people to decorate their fireplace mantel during special event such as Christmas eve, Labor’s day, Friday Nights, and Valentine’s day. Though these days allow for more mantel decorating ideas but this is not written anywhere that you cannot keep this place décor for the rest of year. In fact, mantels are wide; you can add colors to the rustic wood in order to make room more lively, attractive and colorful.

best fireplace decoration

Stunning Fireplace mantel decorating ideas

decorating ideas mantels

Fireplace mantel decorating ideas

Here are some very handy and very useful fireplace mantel decorating ideas:

Flowers on fireplace mantel: Do you have big vases in your home? You can utilize them and put flowers in the vase, any type of flowers would be helpful but if you entire room has wooden floor and furniture you can go for red, yellow and white roses and so on. The choice is yours.

best fireplace mantel decor

Fireplace mantel decorating ideas

best fireplace mantel decor

Flower and Vases are the best fireplace mantel decorating ideas

fireplace mantels flower decor

Flower in vases above fireplace mantels

Big Mirror on Mantel: Home decorators believe that a simple décor of mirror on the mantel can give a wide impression to the room and it’s so true. If the mirror is placed on the right position it can do magic with the decor.

fireplace decorating ideas

Best design of Mirror for fireplace decoration

fireplace decor ideas

Stylish mirror for fireplace decoration

decorating ideas for fireplace

Mirror Fireplace mantel decorating ideas

mantel decor with mirror

Simple Mirror for fireplace mantel decor

fireplace mantel decoration

Big mirror for fireplace mantel decor

mantel decor with mirror

Simple Mirror for fireplace mantel decor


 Lemon in water or lime in water:  You can add lemons in a bowl full of water and place it in the middle of mantel to add hues to the room.

Artificial vine of flowers and leaves: Many homeowners don’t like the idea of using real flowers because they are costly somehow. It’d be a big hassle to buy flowers daily for the vase, so an alternative is to buy some vines of artificial flowers and leaves for the mantel decoration.


vine and fireplace mantel decor

Decorate fireplace with flower vine

fireplace decoration

Flowers vine for fireplace mantel decoration

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