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Fireplace Mantel Ideas for Modern Home

You have purchased a home in downtime which seems to have been accessorized with all the luxurious stuff you have dreamed about, for instance huge class door, classy walls with eye-catching stickers and designer, and beautiful glass panels in the bathroom, with added beauty of playground music facility.  This is a perfect home but it is apparently bereaved of classy fireplace mantels that you have always adored.  There is already a place in your home that shows the fireplace was in the place but it was perhaps a long time ago. You may have to renovate this space to your taste, once again, to restore the real beauty of the room.

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Wood fireplace mantel ideas

You are going to get plenty of fireplace mantel ideas like what type of mantel should be installed and what their position should be but the handiest option is to install one in the sitting room or television room.  Some people would go for brick mantels because they are seen as a part of modern aesthetics in the world of home decor, some would go for rustic wooden fireplace mantels because they can be made on customs. Very few would go and find themselves some beautiful antique fireplace mantels because they are unique in their designs.


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Simple and stylish fireplace mantels
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Fireplace decor with flowers


More or less known as chimneys, fireplaces are focal point of the room because the fire can sometimes turn itself into a dreamy art all by itself by extending to the ceiling to create a unique romantic aura or feel to the entire place.  Therefore, it is necessary to choose the best fireplace mantel for home to add to its beauty, charm and attraction. Not to mention that you can incorporate one of many useful fireplace mantel ideas for your beautiful room. The one way is to install rustic wooden mantel and have your fireplace grounded a bit. The television would be installed right above the mounting board. The second fireplace mantel idea is to choose a particular corner of the room for the setting and install the mantel over there.


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Fireplace mantel designs
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Fireplace mantel decor with green and red vine
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Simple and modern fireplace mantel ideas

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