Five Important Baby Nursery décor Ideas for new mothers

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With the incredible variety of products in the market for the baby decoration, it is relatively a hard task to make a decision on how to do your baby nursery décor. If you are expecting a baby, your first task would be to make a list of everything that you want to buy for the room, this is something where your personal taste, interest and style matter since it’s all about your little on. Some mothers take extensive measures when they décor baby nursery, they use certain products, items and furniture that make the whole baby growing process a memorable time. For instance, they use photo frames and personalized diaries wherein every day of the baby is recorded or written as a journal. Whatever your style is, one thing is that baby nursery décor is an enjoyable process provided that you take deep interest in it, of course you will because you are going to do it for your baby.

wallpaper for baby nursery

Baby nursery decor with wallpaper

Choosing the crib

The first task is choosing the crib for the baby and it must be your focus consideration- the little one will spend more time lying on the crib so its fabric has to be special, particularly the material. I personally like classic styles because the colors are light and pleasing; however there are more options for you when it comes to choosing the style for instance the modern or conventional style and Victorian inspired style. The rest of the materials such as changing table, baby dressers and bed must be chosen wisely accordingly.

baby girl soft pink crib

Pink crib for baby girl

Simple style of baby crib

Baby crib simple

baby nursery crib style

Stylish crib for baby boy

Make it more colorful

Did you know that new born baby is usually very attracted to colors like pink, light blue, white, green and purple, therefore it is necessary that the baby room décor is reflecting the style correctly and it is also matching with the furniture you have chosen? Why is it necessary to choose light colors for the nursery décor? It is considered essential because the colors help stimulate eyes, brain and overall growth of baby. The nice patterns should add an elegance to the room, refrain from choosing  the designs that create optical illusions as they are not good for babies- anything with straight lines, arrows and circles would be better, however, the best  patterns are animated ones. They add a fun factor to the room. A colored Donald Duck is better than a bold colored pattern for the nursery room décor.

Luxury decor of baby nursery ideas

Luxury decor of baby nursery

pink theme for baby nursery

Baby nursery room decoration

baby nursery room wall decor idea

Nursery room wall decor

Incorporating Animated Characters

The little one would love to look at animated characters such as Micky mouse, duck, chic, Tom and Jerry because all these cartoons are funny. They bring a new energy to the baby nursery décor. Some mothers go for the storybook characters instead of cartoons while others just opt for wall fixtures such as wall decals and wall hangings. The posters are also good for the walls but if you have good amount of money you can basically make the use of stencil paint to make the room décor more appealing for the little one.  Just in case you are wondering as what are best characters from nursery rhymes here is a brief list Goosey Goosey Gander, Hot Cross Bun, Jack and Jill.

hello kitty theme for baby nursery

Hello Kitty style Baby nursery decor

baby  nursery colorful decor

Animated characters in baby nursery

Add Décor products

These products include but are not limited to colored shelves, cupboards, baskets, toys, small boxes, drawers and curtains. You can add as many accessories as needed to make a room    a small and colorful paradise for the baby.

baby nursery decor with toys

Baby Nursery Toys

snoopy baby nursery box

Snoopy baby nursery box

Don’t forget to include essentials

You will spend a lot of time in this room, so the baby nursery décor must include some essential items such as a pram, rocking chair, and a separate table to place feeders and other items. At the first stage of the baby growth you need a lot of furnishings in the room, which you can later remove when the new born begins to grow up.

baby nursery requirements

Essential items in baby nursery

baby blanket designs

baby blanket

essential things for baby nursery decor

Baby Nursery Decor Essentials


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