Floating Nightstand is a Perfect Choice for Modern Bedroom

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Do you have modern bedroom? Need chic design of nightstand? No doubt, floating nightstand seems like a perfect design idea for you. This stand does not occupy floor space and its unique design makes it super attractive and chic. Today, I would unlock some great style and design ideas of this bedside furniture item for your guidance. Let’s find out what I have for you.

Simply Float Look

This kind of design is simply awesome. It seems like your table lamps and books are floating in the air as it doesn’t have drawer or cabinets beneath. It is one of the cool idea which spare floor space and let the air pass freely everywhere.

Floating Nightstand with shelves

In case you love to read books at night then you might not light setting a simply floating look nightstand. You would prefer one with one or two shelves. This way you stand would be simple to bookshelves. It offer you adequate space to keep your books, wrist watch and clock in bedside.

Nightstand with Drawer

If you like to hide your storage space of books and other things then definitely it is the best style you like to grab for your bedroom. Single drawer nightstand is very common. As it looks sleek, so you found it easily in modern bedrooms. In case you can’t comprise on storage but need a floating design, you are able to find a stand with more than one drawer as well.

Rustic Nightstand Floating Style

It is one of the popular kinds. When you have wooden furniture in your bedroom, then this style complements your overall decoration to a great extent. You can find almost every style in it, simply floating, with drawer or shelves.

Floating Nightstands Headboard

When you are going to get this kind of stands, you can get it with or without headboard. A headboard adds a perfect finish touch to your overall bed furniture and therefore many homeowners prefer to grab it. The design and theme of headboard is usually matched with nightstand. But again you can find color and design variations just to add more style in room furniture.

Try DIY Approach for Nightstand

In case you don’t want to get an expensive stand from the market then you can surely follow a DIY approach. In such case you need to follow a proper floating nightstand plan step by step. It is suggested to watch a video on Youtube just to explore the best way of making such stands at home with little effort. Setting this stand alongside wall is quite easy. No doubt, you can save your money by following a DIY approach for making and installation of a nightstand.

Inspirational Modern bedroom with Floating Nightstand

You may like to add this furniture item in your bedroom. I have brought a fantastic collection of design ideas which help you decide about the best design for your room. Now what you are waiting for? Explore this collection of design.

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