Garden Landscape Ideas with Horsetail Reed

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Looking for some cool garden landscape ideas with horsetail reed? If yes then I would like to share my collection of amazing small garden landscape ideas which you can try with this herb. I’m going to share a gallery of horsetail pictures with you. In addition, I would like to share care tips.

What is a Horsetail Reed?

It is a green , reed-type ornamental grass with no true leaves and flowers. It looks like a grass but it’s long shape makes it an ideal solution of garden landscape. Mostly people grow it alongside a waterfall or a swimming pool. When horsetail reed bamboo grows long then it seems like a grass wall is covering the waterfall. Green long wall of horsetail reed is indeed an attractive landscape designs which you can have.
You can get artificial horsetail reed, in case you don’t want to plant the natural one. Though the beauty of natural plant is much more than artificial one.

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Where to Buy Horsetail Reed?

You can go to your nearest nursery to grab this amazing  herb for your garden beauty. Even you can order it online at Amazon and ebay.

Horsetail Reed Care

One thing you need to understand that this plant needs sufficient sunlight. It won’t survive in shady areas. It grows well under full or part sunlight. Since it has no leaves therefore it subsists chrolophyll in the stems for food purpose. When it comes to fertilizers, it is good to avoid using any kind of fertilizers. This grass doesn’t need any fertilizers, sometimes it responds badly to them. So, you can go without this thing. It gets much needed nutrients from its soil.

Use Containers

It is an aggressive plant. So, you need to use containers to grow them. It is the one of the best garden landscape ideas with horsetail reed you should follow. Even when you have an intention of planting it alongside a pond, make sure you use some narrow and long containers for keeping this plant. If you don’t use containers then this plant will grow wild and affect the beauty of your garden landscaping.

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