Giallo Ornamental Granite Adds stylish Touch to Kitchen

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Do you need a light shade of granite countertop in your kitchen? It is suggested to consider Giallo ornamental granite. The countertop of this granite has light shade with dark patterns and lines. Therefore, it is very easy for to make a combination of Giallo ornamental granite with dark cabinets. A sense of style and beauty can be added to your kitchen with the mean of this very durable stone.

Light Shades and Colors

You can find this stone in both light and dark shades. Light shades definitely look great all the time but you need to pay attention to its cleaning. Mostly people who likes to have soft touch in their kitchen opt for soft tones of this natural stone.Giallo ornamental granite backsplash ideas wooden cabinets

Set it with dark cabinets

This stone makes an eye-catching combination with dark cabinets. If you look closely to it then you notice the dark patterns and lines in this stone. Therefore, when you install it next to dark cabinets then it blends well with them and make a stunning contrast.Giallo ornamental granite with dark cabinets dark brown cabinets Giallo ornamental granite with dark cabinets backsplash Giallo ornamental granite with backsplash

Giallo ornamental light vs dark

When it comes to selection of a color, you have two option. One is light and another is dark. Light  granite seems like a great choice when you have dark kitchen cabinets or when you make a match-match with cream and peach kitchen cabinets.

As far as dark granite, it is very easy to clean. Even your countertop is dusty, no one can notice it.What color is giallo ornamental Giallo ornamental granite with cream cabinets

Know Its price

this stone is available in wide variety of shades and designs. The cost of this granite is usually higher than a standard granite countertop you buy from the market. The reason behind its high price is its colors and patterns which are simply impeccable. So how much does Giallo ornamental granite cost? Well, the price per square foot is usually $45.Giallo ornamental with white cabinets Giallo ornamental with white cabinets modern lighting Giallo ornamental light vs dark white cabinets

Giallo Ornamental Granite Countertops Care and Maintenance

It is an easy to maintain stone, which you can use for not only backsplash but also for countertops. It is stain and scratch resistant natural stone. Due to its beautiful shade, it hide dust, fingerprints and  crumbs.

It is good to seal this granite once a year. This seal will decrease water absorption.

As far as cleaning is concerned, you need to use add a few drops of dishwash liquid into warm water. Dip a cotton cloth into this mixture and then clean the granite countertop surface.

Giallo Ornamental Granite with backsplash

Since this natural stone has both light and dark colors, so you can pick any shade when it comes to backsplash. However, if you go with cream and peach backsplash then such shades will enhance beauty and appeal.Giallo ornamental granite backsplash ideas Giallo ornamental granite price

So, what are you waiting for? Give your kitchen a fantastic makeover with giallo ornamental granite countertops and backsplash.


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