Gothic Decor Ideas- some facts about Gothic Architecture

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Gothic decor and Gothic architecture goes hand with hand. Gothic interior was known for its weird and creepy aura long ago, it was in trend long ago in Germany and many other countries. Even to this date, Gothic architecture is known for being different- gloominess is just one element of the interior, there are many other things which makes Gothic decorations very prominent, noticeable and somewhat creepy.

Victorian gothic living room decor

Rustic gothic living room with cathedral ceiling Gothic staircase decor photoframes on walls Gothic room decor ideas
If you love dark style interior such as the one we have seen in many Johnny Depp movies like Sleepy Hollow, and Sweeney Todd, you might want to consider adding more of the black colors for achieving a perfect Gothic decor.
Gothic bedroom decor can be done by hanging dark window curtains, the silk curtains with black metallic accents are good for the room for creating dark aura. Besides, the Gothic bedroom chandelier can be added to the decor plan and make sure the chandelier is black metal with creepy looking lighting fixtures. To make it gloomier, the black bed sheet set can be spread with the matching quilt and pillows. Black bedroom floor rug will complete your Gothic decor.

Gothic living room ideas Gothic living room decor black walls bookcase shelves Gothic living room decor black mirror frame leather chair Gothic decor with gothic staircase Gothic decor in bathroom Gothic decor ideas
For Gothic living room decor, all you need to do is paint the walls in black color, wall mount some Victorian paintings, decorate the fireplace mantel with candles and flower vases, Gothic decorative accessories can be included as well in the room. A nice Gothic chandelier will enhance the interior for certain. Make sure to use enough Gothic table centerpieces as well in the living room to make it creepy enough. You can do Gothic living room decor during Halloween day.
Some people do Gothic decor in the guests room during Halloween to make it creepy for freaking out their friends. If you throw horror parties or love just doing Gothic interior for some interior, you just need to invest in Gothic candles, centerpieces, and some wall posters which could help you in making a Goth room set up.

Gothic decor idea entry way gothic chandelier Gothic bedroom decor Gothic bedroom decor gloomy interior black wall paper black curtains black bedset Gothic bedroom decor canopy bed Gothic bedroom decor canopy bed gothic chandelier Gothic architecture gothic room decor with chandelier Gothic decor in living room Freaky gothic decor in living room Dark gothic decor in bedroom wall stencils Creepy gothic living room with fireplace black wall paint

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