26 Green Bedroom Ideas for Nature Lovers

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People who take interest in nature, usually like to go with green bedroom ideas. Reason is that this shade is very soothing for your eyes. It brings live life impact in a room without much effort.  You have a wide variety of color schemes to try with green and in addition you can play with family colors as well.

26 Green Bedroom Designs for You

Today, i would like to unlock a collection of fascinating ideas which you can try very easily.

1.Bay Window Beauty

Enhance bay window style with green-white paint and  a modern white couch. A touch of silver, grey and black in room decor accessories will make this space look more beautiful.
Bay window wall paint idea green and white

2. Simply colorful

As you have green furniture in your bedroom then spread light family shade on the wall and add some other colors such as orange, red, purple, white,etc.

Bedroom with green furniture set and red chair

3. Add black bedroom furniture

This is a modern look furniture design you can grab for you room. Black pendant lights would amplify its aesthetic effects.

Black and green bedroom decorating ideas

4. Try Family Shades

A bit of black hue with family green colors would make your bedroom  super attractive.

Black modern furniture light green wall decor

5. Make a Combo with white bedroom

This color combination is quite high in demand. You can easily find white furniture while you have green walls in a bedroom.

Grass green bedroom wall with wooden white furniture

6.Sage Green Walls

Just look at the picture and see how beautiful white shelf look over a green wall. Wooden chandelier and decoration piece will bring extra beauty to wall art.

Green and white bedroom decoration ideas

7. Beautiful bedroom colors schemes

If you are confused what colors goes with green walls and what curtain to pick then now you have got a clear idea with this picture.

Green bedroom round bed design ideas


8.Triple Shades

Black and green goes well but add white in this combo and you can see a bedroom which design will stand out from the crowd.


Green black bedroom decorating ideas

9. Stunning  Wall art

Graphical designs are becoming very popular. So, you can consider them with plain white wall paint.

Green graphics theme wall art idea for white bedroom


10.Natural Leaves

If you like to spend time in natural environment, you would surely consider a wallpaper with green-yellow leaves. Another thing which boost up charm factor of the room is silver grey modern curtains.

Green leaf wallpaper design for a bedroom with modern wood furniture and silver curtains

11.Creamy White

Instead of blending green bedroom with full white, go with creamy white shades. This combination will enhance soothing impact of your room to a great extent.

Light and dark green bedroom decoration ideas with white shade

12.Dark and Light green Bedroom

Good thing about green shade is that it brings many beautiful family colors. Instead of going with another color, you can make a high-low shade combination; which will look very attractive.

Light green bedroom walls with dark green curtains and white sheers

13.Teal Wall Paint

Instead of going with green walls with green furniture and bedding set, you can go with a new combo. Give a try to soothing teal which will make your bedroom look very modern.

Light green bedroom walls with white furniture set

14.Light green bedroom decorating idea

If you don’t like sharp shade in your bedroom then this soft light color scheme is perfect for you. You need to add grass green rugs just to make your light shade more prominent.

Light green decoration for bedroom with dark green grass theme rugs

15.Pastel Shades

In order to make your bedroom look very cozy and nature-friendly. You can hang green pendant lights from the ceilings and add a bit of red in green wall paintings. Keeping an indoor plant would be another plus.

Light green walls for bedroom with light brown furniture set

16.Sage Green bedroom decoration

Normally, people set white bedroom furniture with green walls. But you can try a contrary decor approach. All you have to do is to customize your modern furniture.

Modern bedroom decor green theme with white green rug

17.Geometrical Shapes

Sometimes, green and white geometrical shape bedding set do all the decor from your side. Find this kind of set and just paint your walls greens and you are all done.

Modern furniture set for white bedroom and green walls decor

18.Unique Bed design

Don’t settle for standard bedroom shape and designs. Go and pick something new and different in the market.

Modern silver bed design for a bedroom with green wall graphics


19.Accent Chairs

If you can’t find perfect theme furniture, then what you can easily find is an accent chair with that shade. Go and grab it and make your theme perfect.

Plain green paint idea for bedroom with modern furniture and lamp

20.Lime Green Walls

This is a refresghing shade which you should consider. It is neither too dark nor too light.

Sage green bedroom with side desk and decor

21.Traditional Furniture

This is another idea which you can try to make your bedroom look very unique. Give a prefer to traditional furniture set over modern one.

Traditional bedroom design green walls and coffee shade wooden furniture set

22.Mix Green with Grey Bedroom

Many homeowners need a unique touch in their bedroom. Instead of adding black into your color scheme, you can go with grey bedroom furniture.

What bedding colors goes with green walls


23.Green-White Vintage Bedroom

If you like vintage bedroom ideas, then you shouldn’t miss this idea.  This design is timeless and super appealing.

White and green bedroom decorating ideas

24.Black Framed Wall art

A color that makes a good contrast with dark green bedroom wall is black, so get some framed framed mirror and wall art items. Set them on wall and add chic appeal to your room.

White bedding set wkith dark green walls decorated with black framed paintings

25.All White Furniture

It is the very simple color scheme to follow for. Grab white bedroom furniture set and spread on your walls and curtains.

White green theme for bedroom decoration

26.Wall Art Ideas

Do you have dark green walls in the bedroom? It is time to know what kind of wall art will compliment your walls.

Wooden furniture in green wall room


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