13 Home Decor Trends 2019 – Refresh your Home Look

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Summer is at its peak and it is the right time to bring some new elements in your home. Follow home decor trends 2019 and add beauty to every corner. You don’t have to remodel everything, instead you can make a few design changes, and it is how you would get a style trendy home.

1.Play with Pink

Interior designers are not ready to give up on pink. Therefore, they add a light pink hue wherever they get a chance. Dark and hot pink shades are not in the list. Instead, your main plan is to add a soft pink touch to any or every room of your home. You don’t have to do much for making such changes, as the market is filled with soft pink furniture set, wall decor, wallpaper, flooring, toilet seats and similar stuff.

Pink wall in a living room

Pink wall paint, blue sofa, checkered cushions, square wall mirror, square glass window, indoor plants. Beautiful area rug and low coffee nightstand

2.Mixed Metals

Normally, when you decorate your kitchen then you pick same metals in it. It is time to mix everything up and spice up the beauty of this area. It means you can grab different metals such as brass, copper and even gold. However, you shouldn’t think of getting rose gold into your decoration plan.

Mixed metals in kitchne vintage theme 2019 kitchen decor ideas

3.Mixed Furniture set in living room

Mixed furniture set in a living room design

white window blinds, low wooden chair, frames on the walls, fiber optic grey sofa with pink cushion, indoor planters, laminated wooden floor. Double door wooden glass windows

In the past, people shop a living room set , place it into its right place and they are all set. Matching living room furniture is regarded boring these days. You have to follow latest living room decor trends 2019 which require you to mix different kinds of furniture with beauty and grace. Setting traditional or modern pieces would turn out to be an impressive design.

4.Eclectic Living room

Trend of eclectic living room and kitchen is booming these days. Adding different colors , layers and textures at the same place enhance beauty and aesthetic appeal. You can experiment your home look with different fun art pieces , graphical painting/wallpaper, metallic accents, creative home features.

Eclectic living room with gold black coffee tables and blue white cushions

5.Focus on Natural Textures

When it comes to furniture texture, you should think of natural textures such as wicker, ratan, jute. Ratan furniture is not only for your patio, you can put it inside as well. I suggest you to get a wicker sofa and place it next to your bedroom furniture set. Wooden look of wicker would compliment your wooden furniture easily. Even it won’t blend with existing furniture, it would look super cool.

Living room wicker accent chairs ottoman soft blue theme 2019


  1. Bring Nature into space

For this purpose, you can think of adoring beauty of your living room and bedroom with indoor plants. They offer a chic and refreshing look. You can set plants in a shelf. In case you don’t want to grab some indoor plants, it is suggested to think of artificial flower and plant decor.

Plant and trees decor in a bathroom

  1. Big Wall Art

Placing a very big abstract painting as a background of your living room and bedroom seems like a perfect idea. Even when you are planning for wallpaper, opt for some prominent wallpaper that have some kind of drama and story inside it.Big wall art home decor trends 2019

  1. Maximalism

Minimalist decoration was common in last decade. However, maximalism has become the latest home decor trends 2019. You can mix different shapes and curves into your furniture. Don’t opt for flat look. Unique and creative curvy furniture would boost the beauty element of a space.

Maximalism living room design idea 2019 interior design trends

  1. Bold Art

You can decorate your wall with bold art. However, you don’t have to set signs on wall. Signs like life, love, and laugh should be removed from the picture.Instead, you can decorate your room walls with your personal photographs just to add a personalized touch to modern living room. This kind of interior home trends 2019 allow you to add as many colors and patterns as you want.

Bold art in a living room decor trends 2019

  1. Personalized Kitchen

We all used to live in simple and clean kitchen for years. However, now you can opt for personalized kitchen designs. It means a kitchen where you can put different kinds of pots you collected during your travel. Glass kitchen cabinets with lots of shelves. Colorful personalized kitchen designs 2019

11.Art Deco Finishes

The latest home decor trends 2019 brings a blend of art deco finishes into your furniture. Graphical textures and lines offer vintage appeal. Art deco style is playful. You can find not only furniture with this design, but there are accessories,case goods and lighting.

Art deco living room decoration idea and style

12.Painted ceilings 

In past years, people focus more on the wall decor and design and less on the ceilings. In 2019, painted ceiling trend would be at its peak. People will start thinking of adding life , pattern and texture to their ceilings, though pop ceiling is off-limit.Painted ceiling blue in a white bathroom with white tub

  1. Less is more

Whenever you think of buying some furniture, you should think of getting more of it. You can grab an ottoman which will use for seating but at the same time it will offer storage. A bed with storage and extra draws would be very appealing. When you have limited space but you want to use it for multi-purpose then this approach is a must in home decor trends 2019.

Less is more furniture storage idea sofa

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