How to Paint Laminate Cabinets? Step-by-Step Guide

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People who believe in DIY approach often search for “how to paint Laminate cabinets”. They normally need this guide because they want to paint their kitchen cabinets own their own. It is indeed cost them money to hire a professional for this job. If you are also interested in painting your laminated kitchen cabinets and don’t want to pay extra money then I suggest you to check this step-by-step guide below. This guide will make paint process very easy for you. Before you start paint, you need to make sure that laminate surface is in good condition. If it is not well-adhered then surely you need to consider replacing cabinets as paint on such cabinets would be just waste of time and money. Let’s check tutorial now.

step by step guide laminate kitchen cabinets paint guide

Tutorial: How to Paint laminate cabinets

How to Paint Laminate Cabinets?

Here are some steps that make it really comfortable for you to paint laminated kitchen cabinets.

Step No.1

You need to remove visible hardware like knobs and pulls from the cabinets. If possible you should try to remove cabinet’s doors. When hinges are visible then it won’t be hard for you to remove entire cabinet doors. This removal will allow you to paint the cabinet face and shelves with less time and effort.

Step No.2

Pick the painter’s tape and then cover all un-removable hardware with it.

Step No.3

Buy a good quality de-greaser and then clean all laminate surfaces with it. Read all instructions written on this chemical and then apply it accordingly. You need to rinse all surface completely with fresh water when you know that laminate surfaces have been cleaned. Before you proceed with paint process, you need to give some time to surface to get dried completely.

Step No.4

Pick a 120-grit sandpaper and start sanding all cabinet surfaces. Your aim is to create a surface rough enough to stick paint with it.  Once sanding is over, you need to clean all the dust away. Again give some time to cabinets to become dry completely.

Step No.5

You need a specifically formulated laminate primer at this stage. You need to check manufacturer’s instructions before you start apply them on laminate kitchen cabinets. Apply primer and wait for exact time that is mentioned on the label.

Step No.6

You can choose either latex or oil-based paint for your kitchen cabinets. An advantage of oil based paint is that you can clean them very easily.  You need to use a roller for applying paint on laminate surface. No need to pick a brush as strokes of paint would affect beauty of your laminated surface.

Step No.7 When you done with paint, you have to wait for some time. Once paint is dried, you can fix all removed hardware and doors to their positions.

Hurrah! Know you have complete idea on how to paint laminate cabinets. This guide is really simple and it allows you to paint your cabinets in the fantastic way.


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