15 Cool Kids Sofa Designs for Girl and Boy Room

Do you want to adore beauty of your girl or boy room with kids sofa? If yes, then it time to explore 20 amazing designs. Every design is simply cute and funky. When you explore this collection, then you would feel it easy to choose the best design for your kids room. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start this discovery of sofa designs for kids room now.

best kids sofa decoration

1.Jungle Theme Furniture for kids

Going into a jungle is a dream of many kids. They read about jungle and its friendly animal in their story books and comics. Therefore, they like this theme. If your kid takes good interest in jungle, then you should set a jungle theme sofa in his room.

jungle theme kid's sofa design


2.Hello Kitty Sofa for Girl Room

It is one of famous girly characters. You can find a lot of girly things with this theme. You are able to set a complete Hello Kitty bedroom for your little girl. Another option is simple, all you have to get a sofa with this design . This purchase will delight your sweetheart.

hello kitty kids room sofa design


hello kitty sofa for girl room

3.Red  Car Sofa

Boys usually take good interest in cars. So, when you are going to enhance beauty of boy bedroom then you should think of getting this design sofa in it.

car sofa design for boy room


4.Strawberry Design Kids Sofa

Kids love to eat strawberries. When it comes to decorating your little girl room, then you should consider a pink white or red –white sofa with strawberry cushions. No doubt, this design is super attractive.

strawberry sofa designs


5.Elephant Theme Sofa for Kids room

Kids read in story book that elephant is a very friendly animal. Kids love to make friends and they definitely like it when you set a sofa with elephant print on it.

elephant sofa designs for kids


6.Red strawberry kids sofa set design

Red is among the best color when it comes to furniture decor in kids room. This bold color enhance beauty of a room. You must try this amazing kids bedroom decorating ideas.

red strawberry sofa set kids room


7.Mickey Mouse Sofa

It is a very naughty cartoon character and boys like to copy him. You can think about setting a beautiful red Mickey mouse sofa  in Mickey Mouse kids bedroom. You don’t need to adopt complete theme for keeping this sofa. You can place this sofa anywhere in bedroom, no matter what exactly your kids room theme is.

teen boy sofa design


8.Car Racing Sofa Design

It is another great design which you can consider for your teen bedroom decoration. This kind of sofa is suitable for boy room as they usually take good interesting in cars and racing.

racing car sofa designs


9.Mermaid Kid’s Sofa Design

It is very inspirational character for little girl. They like to swim like a mermaid who is very beautiful. In case you girl also like this character then this year you need to add its design sofa in her room. Do you like to try this teenage girl bedroom idea?

mermaid kids sofa design

10.Minnie Mouse Sofa for Girl room

If boys like to copy Mickey Mouse then girl love to look alike to Minnie Mouse. This couple is super hit among kids. Therefore, you can place Minnie mouse sofa in your sweetie room without any hesitation.

minnie mouse kids sofa

11.The Princess Kids Sofa

Your little girl is your princess and don’t forget to tell her how important and special she is. Present her a beautiful crown style sofa or simple “the princess” sofa design on her birthday. She would love to set it in her room.

the princess sofa design ideas mermaid kids sofa design pink sofa with rhinestone princess design for kids room

12.Owl Designs Sofa

Big Eyes owl are very attractive birds and kids take good interest in them. Owls are famous for their wisdom. So, if your kids like them you can surely buy  this design.

owl sofa design for kids

13.Piano Sofa Set

Kids love to play with piano, a lot want to learn it. So, when it is the case with your kid, you can surely get this design.

iano sofa set for kids

14.Sunflower Sleeper Style Sofa

Flowers make you close to nature. Kids are like flowers. If your kid brought light in your life just like sunflower then you should add this design into his rooom.

sunflower sofa design for kids

15.Pixar Car Sofa for Boys

You can get Pixar car theme sofa design. This animated series is quite famous in kids. Therefore, you may like to enhance beauty of teen bedroom with this kind of furniture item.

pixar car sofa design for kids

I have shared Kids sofa designs with you. Now it’s turn to vote the best designs. Feel free to share your comments.


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