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Let’s Explore Buying Guide of Bathroom vanity cabinets

An important step of bathroom remodeling is to replace bathroom vanity cabinets. Before you buy new cabinets, I suggest you to have a look at this simple yet effective buying guide.

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Wood Cabinet designs for bathroom

Take Measurements

Before you buy a vanity, you need to measure space. You need to set vanity cabinets in  a way that there is still enough space for door opening. There is no need to move your plumbing location because this kind of bathroom remodeling would be an expensive option. Keep width, height and depth measurements with you before you visit a shop.

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Bathroom cabinets designs

Two Types of Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

You are able to find two main types of vanities such as vanities with tops and vanities without tops. Former option is easier but it comes with a shortcoming that you always have to stick with same solid top. In case you buy vanity without top then you have opportunity to choose your favorite material. when it comes to top materials, yu have many options to choose from  such as glass, granite, wood, marble, etc.

bathroom vanity cabinet designs
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Different Choice Option for Bathroom Vanities

It is good to show consider all different design, color and other options available with bathroom vanity cabinets. Here are some common options to consider.

Color and Finish: You are able to find vanities in wide variety of colors. Black and white seems to be a great choice. When it’s hard to locate your favorite color then you can paint a wood cabinet with a color of your choice. Colors usually come with white, black or espresso finishes.

Wood type: You must set some budget in mind while you are going to buy bathroom vanity cabinets. There are different types of wood; some are expensive while others are available at a reasonable price. Types range from MDF, birch or pine to more costly options.

Hardware: It is good to read complete description of vanities that you are going to buy. Some have hardware and while others come without it. Try to get vanities with hardware.

Storage: You need to determine whether this bathroom is master or for guest or for kids. You should understand particular needs. When a bedroom is big then you need ample space of storage that means big cabinets are required.


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So, keep these points of buying guide in mind and try to get the best bathroom vanity cabinets for you.

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