15 Cool Living room Paint Ideas with Accent wall

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There are no short of living room paint ideas with accent wall given that so many designers are using advanced approches to lend a lush makeover to the interior of even small spaced apartments.
Before we talk about the paint colors of the living room we should talk about the accent wall and understand what is it. In the past, we had not so many color choices the only paint colors available to us were off white and white. Also there were no trend for colored or textured walls. Thanks to advance technology now we have too many options and choices in interior that we can easily transform our space from ordinary to extraordinary to get ourself a comfortable lifestyle.
An accent wall is a special wall painted in bright or dark color to make a balanced theme in any space. For instance if you have chosen to have a green theme interior, then one wall with the most or the darkest green painting would be considered the accent wall. It’s the spot where you can decorate anything from mirror to 3d butterflies to paintings and other hangings which you adore the most.
Now the question is what colors should you choose for the living room where one wall has dark colors and here are some ideas:
Family theme:
The family color theme is the most logical approach that will help you come up with most logical living paint color ideas with accent wall. It means that if you have a plain or glossy orange paint to go on the living room walls, one wall in particularly can be of the dark summer orange shade. It will make your interior stand out. Incorporation of family colors is the best thing you can ever do to enhance the beauty of the space.
Contrast theme:
Another logical living room paint color ideas with accent wall is to go for the contrast theme. For instant, in white and black interior you may have one wall with texture on it like white and black strips, dotted designs and butterflies or abstract features, the other three walls should be either in black or the white color. It’s your choice.
The light painting with accent:
The last thing you can do to give a quick makeover to the living room is choose the simple colors such as beige, copper, light green, sea green or lemon to go with the accent wall. If it is in dark black color you can balance its effect by having a sky blue paint done all over the rest of the walls. Buy some white chairs to arrange in the space as well.

15 Beautiful Living Room Paint Ideas with Accent Wall

blue living room paint ideas with matching accent walls

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