19 Best Living Room Sets for Chic Decor

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Looking for the best Living room sets designs? Here you will explore some amazing designs and get exclusive trend information. Whether you are going to follow traditional style or a modern one. You will get some really cool ideas here. I created a collection of  19 designs which you can grab for your small or big living room. So, let’s dig into the collection.

1.Couch and Lamp Set

Don’t have much space? It is possible almost all the time with an apartment. So, all you have to do is to make couch set with beautiful cushions. Creamy couch looks great with creamy shade floor lamp.

small living room sets

2. Accent Chair and Button Sofa

This is another unique idea that you would love to copy. Don’t need to buy expensive living room set when you can make your own luxury style this way.


Living room decorating ideas 1 living room interior design ideas

3.Chair and Sofa combo

Set beautiful white sofa at one side and then match color of your chairs with your wall. This way, you will add glam touch to your overall living room.

Contemporary living room interior design ideas 14 living room design ideas

4.living room Sofa Bed and Ottoman

If you are a person who like to relax all the time, especially in your living space then you need to pick this set. It would bring ultimate comfort.

Stylish living room home interior design ideas with wallpapers living room ideas for the walls

5.Cozy Furniture Set

You definitely need to consider this simple yet eye-catching furniture. It makes your space look quite welcoming.


Small living room decorating ideas 4 living room ideas for the walls

6.Unique Shape

Don’t like ordinary living room sets? Try something different and extraordinary.


Contemporary living room for new home decorating ideas 2013 decorating design and ideas for the living room

7. Soothing Sectional sets

When you pick this style of living room furniture, then you are able to add glam plus luxury appeal into a room. Don’t forget to match your overall room theme.

modern living room sets sectional creamy design

8.Dark Design

If you have kids at home then always pick dark furniture. Otherwise, you will have to change your furniture cover time to time.

Small living room decorating ideas 7 living room ideas with wonderful colors

9.Leather Black

It is one of the best modern living room sets. Leather furniture is high in demand because they offer perfect finish to a room.

Modern living room walls decorating ideas living room interior design ideas

10.Color Splash

We normally think about common shades such as black, white ,brown, etc when it comes to the selection. It is time to think outside the box.



15 small living room ideas living room decorating ideas

11. Traditional Design set

You might not like to deviate from traditional sofa design. In this case, this living room set would satisfy your need.

Living room decorating ideas for spring small living room small living room decorating ideas with amazing living room interior ideas

12. New Combinations

Grey with white is common but what is not usual is orange and grey. Just look at the design and you will become its biggest fan.

Small living room decorating ideas 2 living room ideas for the walls

13.Living room table Sets

A grey couch is suitable for small living room area. In order to adore its beauty you should buy wooden black living room side and center table.


living room table sets black wood

14. Creamy Exposure 

Do you like soft hue in your living room? It would be achieved with this light color living room leather furniture set. Brown wooden unique wall unique and table set compliment overall space decor. Isn’t it?

contemporary living room sets


15. Graceful Grey

It is not easy to choose furniture for small space. But I might help you with this simple idea. Set modern style grey set and grab attention of all. Printed red storage ottoman makes this set looks super appealing.


Romantic living room living room interior decorating ideas

16. Soothing Shades

When you like some colorful design in your room then contemporary living room set is what you really need.

Colorful living room sets


17. Luxury Design

When price is not an issue then you should stick with luxury decor. Fancy plus printed fabric sofa would enhance glam touch of your living room to a great extent. Don’t forget to adore this area with fancy lights and ceiling chandelier.
Luxury homes interior decoration living room designs ideas (1) design ideas for the living rooms

18. Chic Set Designs

Don’t like casual thing? Go for formal sofa sets. Cream and light brown shade seems like a great color combo idea.

modern Living room sets


19. White on White

White furniture sets are high in demand, no matter you do home or hotel decor. It makes a space look super trendy all the time.

Spaced 2008808320 1 fs living room interior decorating ideas


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