Living Room VS Family Room, some differences

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Living room is usually called parlor because it is more formal room, decorated and designed for the guests and relatives. When there is a special occasion or family or business meeting, living room is used for the major sitting seasons.It is considered more formal in way it is decorated with velvet, silk or cotton curtains, couch or living room sofa settings, and furniture styles. Some homeowners also add different amenities to support up the formal aura of the living room such as they put some television in the area along with wall closet or corner living room closets or TV unit to give it more appropriate formal feel and look.

Family room is more casual and less formal compared to living room, you can turn it into a reading room, dancing room by setting up music theaters and other electronic devices, and including some gaming bar for kids. Your kids might love the game bar or some boards such as snooker boards made from wooden pallet. A carom board would also be a good choice for the room if you spend time playing games with your kids in the family room. This room can be anything for you, it could be games room, reading room, entertainment center and library or anything of your choice.

Living room VS family room

Living room is formal and is used only for special occasions, family room is not formal it is casual it can be used any time of the day by any member of the family.

Living room is for guests, business meetings and special discussions while the living room is for family, any casual family event such as birthday parties and occasions can be held in the room.

Important pieces of furniture are needed for living room such as a couch, recliner or sofa set along with Television, and some exquisite window curtains whereas homeowners can put furniture of moderate quality in the family room and use standard quality curtains in the family room. They can set the budget for the things they want to put in the room and decide for themselves what would work best for themselves and their family.

Kids cannot enter living room due to the furniture and many other things, whereas they are allowed to enter and play in the family room.

Family room is the room for everyone, parents can sit in here, read newspaper, drink coffee and discuss general family matters whereas living room is for occasional meetings only and it is kept closed normally to protect the beauty of the interior and is often smaller in size compared to family room.

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