Living room yellow walls, How to Set it Right ?

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So, you have decided for a living room yellow walls theme. One thing I should tell you at this point is that this kind of theme isn’t so easy to set. If you opt for black or white living room, you can do remodeling in a week. However, things change quickly when you have a yellow wall concept in mind. You will have to focus on many things at the same time. Today, I will brings some questions whose answer should be clear into your mind. For your convenience, I am adding answer next to a question and even I am sharing some pictures which help you in this yellow living room project.

White and yellow livinbg room furniture and deocrating ideas
White living room decoration with yellow paint Yellow and black print wall paint designs for living room cum dining roomWhat curtains for Yellow Walls in living room look perfect?

We are talking about perfection.  Plain curtains are always the best options but it doesn’t mean that printed floral and graphical designs are out of regime. Heavy flair curtain should be avoided, though.

The curtain color must compliment your yellow walls. Colors like grey, pink, turquoise, etc make a great combination in such case. But, you have to consider your secondary shade while selecting the curtains.

Some people don’t opt for curtains, instead they give a try to some classic window treatment in varied textures and shape, you can think of same thing.

Color combinations with yellow walls Curtains and window treatment in yellow white living room Curtains for yellow walls living room Textured yellow wall paint in living room with stripes wall designsBlack and yellow living room wall designs with white and black furniture

What Color Furniture Goes with Yellow walls?

If you ask me what are my favorite shades which I would love to set in my own living room with yellow walls then I will say they are nothing but black and white.  Person like me who adores contemporary décor and design would never opt for other colors when it comes to bring a perfect match.

However, you don’t have to follow me at all. Instead, you should test some shades which tie a romantic knot with yellow. They include grey, turquoise, light green, brown-wooden shade, orange and lavender.

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When you have soft yellow shade , it is better to opt for warmer contrast like dark orange and purple; or you can go vice versa.

If grey is the only color in your mind then I suggest you to explore some grey and yellow living room decorating ideas. This discovery will bring countless décor option for you. For example, instead of making your wall yellow, you can paint them with grey. Decoration of this living room can be done with modern yellow accent chair and sofa set.

Beautiful living room with yellow furniture and walls Black animal print furniture with yellow walls in living room Living room with yellow walls decorating ideas What color furniture goes with yellow walls Colours combination with yellow living room wall

How to make Beautiful color combination with yellow walls?

When it comes to selection of living room decoration having yellow wall then you should pick some bright color decorative piece.For example, hanging twin black photo frames would immediately offer a contemporary vibe.

Another colour combination you can try is to add a little white whenever possible. When you have yellow paint all over the main wall of living room , a tint of bright white can be added in the form of wall borders.

Yellow wallpaper designs for white yellow living room decor Yellow living room walld decoration with wall paintings Yellow and white living room wall and room decor

Make sure you balance your living room yellow walls decor with best color combination. It is good to have some color boards, keep them next to your wall shade and then decide what suits the most.

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