25 Modern Curtains Designs for Living Room

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When you have contemporary living room theme then only modern curtains can compliment this style. You can’t go with old design else your room theme will not be really attractive. Window treatment is not an easy task, you have to pay attention to a wide variety of factors such as size, style, fabric , shade and many other things. Today, I would like to bring 25 great design ideas which you can copy for your modern living room interior.

1.Chevron Pattern

This design add glam touch to your space. When you don’t like plain set then you should prefer this pattern.


modern curtains designs ideas

2.Beads Curtains

This design will look perfect with vintage and old style living room sofa.

Living room design ideas with curtain designs exclusive luxury drapes curtain designs for living room (2) with amazing living room interior ideas

3.Vibrant Yellow

Whenever we think of curtains, we have standard shades in our mind. It is time to think outside the box.

2013 luxury living room curtain designs ideas decorating design and ideas for the living room


4.Creamy touch

In case you don’t need too much print or fancy touch in your living room then plain silky creamy curtains would look fascinating.
New living room curtains designs ideas 2011 13 living room decorating ideas

5.Printed Top

This design looks great when you don’t want too much white on your walls.

New living room curtains designs ideas 2011 16 living room design ideas

6.Silky Purple Curtains

This design will make a great combination with pink or creamy living room furniture.

Quality full dodechedron font b living b font room curtain mohini deep purple curtain living room design ideas with romantic curtain new design of curtain for living room design ideas for the living rooms

7.Grey Curtains

It is one of the best curtain designs you can pick for your grey living room. You can go with either floral print designs or a plain one.

grey curtains


8.White and Orange

Normally, people like to hang white curtains but you should also give a try to orange ones. It is one of the best modern curtains designs idea.
Curtains for living room living room interior decorating ideas


9.Soft Colors

When you have white sheet for your windows then add another soothing cream shade as the main curtains of your living room.

New arrival light yellow leaf print living room curtain two panels x043 design ideas for the living rooms

10.Silk Curtains

Need some glam and shine side by side? Go and hang light blue chevron printed silk curtains on the wall.

New modern curtain designs ideas for living room living room interior design ideas

11.Fancy curtains

This style is perfect for bay window treatment in your living room. Add shades from your living room furniture.

sheer curtains

12.Flower design

If you want to add some nature impact in your living space, then you should go with green and brown flowers theme curtains.

Living room curtains designs1 living room interior design ideas

13.Colorful Lines

This style is indeed chic especially when you are looking for room darkening curtains.

2014 new modern curtain designs ideas for living room 18 living room ideas for the walls

14.Net Curtains

You should consider this design with your formal living room curtains.

Curtain designs for living room ideas2 living room wall colors ideas

15.Self print Curtains

It is quite easy to find self print cloth in the market. So, you should give a try to this design.

15 nice modern living room curtains ideas living room modern living room curtain designs with grey metal living room ideas for the walls

16.Light Gold

This is a kind of fancy theme curtain which you can try with luxury style living room only.

Nice curtains for living room apartment living room design ideas

17.Drop Cloth Curtains

This style of curtain is very high in demand since it brings luxury and grace side by side in a room.

Cheap living room curtains ideas2 living room decorating ideas

18.Dark grey Curtains

When your living room furniture has light shade then make its contrast with the dark window treatment.

room darkening curtains

19.Brown Sheers

This style is good when you don’t want to stop sun light in your living room. Match theme of curtain with your furniture and this matching will do the real magic.

Transparent curtain ideas for living room living room wall colors ideas


20.Dark Border

Make a good color contrast for your modern curtains of living room. Brown and skin is a usual contrast, you can also try some other border colors.

Curtains for living room living room interior design ideas

21.Creamy borders

Ask your tailor to make creamy borders of your brown plain curtains. These borders will definitely grab attention of everyone who enters into living room.

Curtains ideas 2 living room ideas with wonderful colors

22. Just a little print design

If you like this idea then you light soothing impact in your living room. It is not really hard to copy. You need more plain cloth and a little printed one to make a chic combo.

modern curtains designs

23. Printed and plain curtains

This seems like a good idea when you have simple living room sofa and you want to add some colors. Purple and yellow printed curtains would adore the beauty of your living space to a great extent.

Beautiful curtains living room decorating ideas living room design ideas


24.Purple Print

Girls prefer purple after pink because it is a stunning shade. You can set this theme curtain in your living room and make your window treatment stand out from crowd.
New living room curtains designs ideas 2011 12 living room decorating ideas

25.Dark Purple Curtains

Need a luxury theme for your living room? Go with purple, silver and black shades.

Modern living room curtains decorating design and ideas for the living room

26.Sheer Curtains

The beauty of your painted wall can be enhanced with plain white sheer curtains.

Excellent curtain ideas for large windows in living room 915x1171 living room cool interior ideas



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