Modern Staircase Design for small House

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Having a house either small or big is a great blessing indeed. The interior of home does matter, sometimes you are to take renovations in your own hand and you get to plan as how to divide a small house into portions to make rooms divisions in a wise way so each family member could get at least one room in the house.

Having a small yet modern staircase in your small house is also necessary in order to connect two or more storeys.If you are wondering as what type of staircase would be good for your modern or traditional style small home space, you should check these new unusual staircase design ideas for small house. You would love these.

This can be installed anywhere in the open style living room that connects with the kitchen. This unusual stair case design is amazing, it has got an x-factor in addition to modernity to make your house look unique.

Unseen modern staircase design for apartment living room

I can bet you have never seen such a unique spiral staircase design ever before

This design is definitely done for saving space in the room, you can see that book storage shelve is installed right on the side of the stairs. This is one smart way of linking two floors smartly.

Lego style modern staircase design for small house

Unusual staircase side view, this set is made from wood for small house

As for the comfort, this design may not be that much of idea but in term of design and structure it is unique. The stairs are designed nicely though are narrow in the structure, good for a small space house where you cannot install large stairs due to lack of space.

Unusual modern staircase design for small house

Handmade and handcrafted wood staircase design for small space

This modern stair design is good for corner installation.  If you want to have a modern design installed in your home make sure the carpenter or your designer is equipped with knowledge on staircase reinforcement which includes certain calculations prior to installation depending on the design you want to get installed.

Modern design of staircase inside the house

Modern and unique stairs ideas made with dark wood

Modern staircase design for home

Modern yet very unique curve stairs casing in the middle of the apartment

This one staircase design has small storage, drawer compartments under each step. You can store things in these drawers. This is a multi-functional stair for a small house with storage to offer. The idea could work for any space where you want to install wooden steps.

Modern staircase design for small house with storage drawer under each step

Storage is built right under the staircase steps

Staircase design for patio garden outdoor garden design of staircase outside house

This staircase design is from the outside of the house, probably installed over the patio deckboard

Modern style staircase design unusual staircase design for small house

Recessed lighting is installed on the side of the staircase steps, this is one heck of a modern design

Modern staircase design with slide for house

This staircase set has a slide too in the design, the slider is installed right on one side of the stairs

Two tone design synchronizes the wall paint of the house.

Modern staircase design with big steps staircase design for small house

Unusual staircase design ideas

Modern Staircase Design for small House - 1x1.trans

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