Must Try Mickey Mouse Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Is your kid love to watch Mickey Mouse? Do you need a theme for kids bedroom decor? I think you should take into account Mickey Mouse kids bedroom decor ideas. When you look into these ideas then it won’t be hard for you to decorate your own kids room in the modern and attractive manner. Let’s explore the best ideas along with some important kids bedroom decoration tips.


Wall Decor Tips Mickey Mouse Kids bedroom Decor  ideas

When you are going to use Mickey mouse theme them you first need to think about wall decoration.There are many different ways to decorate wall with this theme. An inexpensive way is to get some mickey mouse style wall hangings and then set them on the wall. Another amazing idea is to make a backdrop with Mickey Mouse ears. Here I’m talking of black big ears of Mickey Mouse with red bow on Minnie Mouse head. One of the great Mickey mouse kids bedroom decor ideas for wall is to set the best pictures of Mickey Mouse club house in a frame and then fix them on a wall.



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Mickey Mouse and Minne Mouse wall decor ideas for kids room

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Mickey Mouse theme wall decor ideas for kids bedroom

mickey mouse kids bedroom decor

mickey mouse kids wall decor

Mickey mouse bed design ideas

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Minnie mouse theme bed set ideas


Furniture Decoration

If you are ready to spend for your kids bedroom decoration, then you can easily get Mickey Mouse style bed sets and other furniture items.In case you can’t afford much then it is advisable to opt for standard bed and then give them a perfect Mickey theme Bedding. You can find pillow, bed sheet and quilt having Mickey Mouse , Minnie Mouse or Club house prints.When it comes to furniture, you can boy stools, tables, chairs and other important items with Mickey Mouse theme. Setting side table with chair in your kids room seems to be one of the perfect mickey mouse Kids bedroom decor ideas.


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Mickey Mouse theme kids bedroom furniture ideas

mickey mouse theme wall decor for kids

Mickey Mouse kids bedroom decor ideas

mickey mouse kids bedroom decor

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Mickey Mouse theme bunk bed design ideas



Go with or without Rug

Interestingly, you are able to find Mickey Mouse theme rugs in the market. The cost of rugs isn’t very high. However, you can skip it if you don’t have enough money for decor since you can add it later on. Rug setting is good for kids who love to do home work while sitting on floor. The soft fiber and materials of rugs make them feel comfortable, and it is all you need for your little kids. One of the best Mickey Mouse theme wall decor ideas is to set rug between kids bed and the cupboard.

mickey mouse bedding for kids

Minnie Mouse red bedding with matching rug style ideas

mickey mouse kids room decor

Mickey mouse theme bedding with red rug

mickey mouse kids bedroom setting

Blue and yellow Mickey Mouse family bed set design ideas for queen size bed

mickey mouse decor kids room

Cute pink kids bedroom bedding set theme: Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse



Mickey Mouse Vs. Minnie Mouse

If your little girl and boy share the same room then you need to combine Mickey mouse and Minnie Mouse theme, otherwise Mickey seems perfect for boy while Minnie theme looks great in girls room. If a room is shared by your three kids then Mickey Mouse club theme seems great. It is good to ask from your kids about his/her favorite character before you actually choose Mickey or Minnie Mouse.

mickey mouse and minnie mouse kids bed

Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme furniture design ideas

mickey mouse and minnie mouse kids bedroom idea

Mickey Mouse vs Minnie Mouse room designs for kids

mickey mouse setting for kids room

Mickey Mouse blue bedding and Minnie Mouse purple bedding set in a kids room with purple wall paint

mickey and minnie mouse bedroom for kids

Pink Minne Mouse style bed

kids bedroom theme mickey mouse

Mickey Mouse single bedding set

I’m sure it won’t be hard for you to implement any of these Mickey Mouse Kids bedroom decor ideas, if you follow the basic tips.




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