Must Try Soothing Southwest bedroom Decor

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Sometimes you want to give your bedroom spacious and tranquil feel and it is possible very easily when you opt for Southwest bedroom decor. This specific decoration make this room in harmony with nature as it always have Southwest color palette based on sleek desert tones. You need to make sweet blend of natural materials in a traditional Spanish or Native American cultural style. The basic idea is to do decoration in a way that it brings calmness in a room. Here is how you can do this centuries old decoration at the present time.

Best  Colors for Southwest Bedroom colors

As you need to match bedroom somehow with Mexican and Native American Culture, so you need to focus on bright colors and bold geometric patterns. In another words, you have to choose that color or shades that are similar to natural tones found in stones, sand, soul, local plants, and the sky. The easiest way is to go with grays and sandy gold. But don’t need to stick with it. Room can be painted with several other colors such as dark red, plum, purple, green, brown, etc. The idea is to choose dark and deep shades that are somehow alike to sun-bleached tone. You don’t need fresh white in room, prefer creamy white shades.

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Simple southwest style bedroom decor

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Green and lemon bedroom interior design

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Colorful southwest bedroom decoration tips

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Black and white classic bedroom decor

Warm Textures in Southwest Bedroom Decor

You need to keep textures warm and rough. Try to use natural materials or handwork everywhere in bedroom. Mostly, texture of southwest bedroom materials is soft and rough. It’s good to get hand-made textiles such as rugs, curtains, bed sheets, bed covers, etc. It’s always good to pick wood furnishings with carved trim. Wood floor can be decorated with handwoven beautiful rugs. Another great idea is to place a small sheepskin rug beside beds as it adds warm visual texture to southwestern bedroom.

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bedroom decor with colorful cushions and old style wall art

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Southwest bedroom decoration with lime green stools and buttoned back white bed

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Simple decoration of bedroom with wall art and orange and white curtains

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Bedroom decoration ideas

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Room Paint ideas

It’s good to surround whitewashed furniture with good colors. You can use glossy and deep colors on wall. Some best paint colors for southwest bedroom decor are sage green, steel gray or turquoise. Some people stick with light hue and they don’t want to go for very bright color.

pink wallpaper design and bedroom decor

white bedroom decor with pink wallpaper design

black southwest bedroom

Chic white and black southwest bedroom decor with wall scenery and graphics

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Purple and white modern bedroom decoration

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Purple southwest bedroom decor

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Cozy white classic bedroom decoration

Follow these important points and you would be able to implement perfect southwest bedroom decor.


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