What you need to know about Pool Table Lighting?

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If you are planning to set a billiard room in your home then you have to not only buy pool table but also to get pool table lighting. Pool table lights make it easy for you to enjoy clear view of pool and then to play your favorite game with great ease. Without pool lights you feel eye strain and definitely it will be hard for you to enjoy this game at its fullest. Before you get pool table lights, you must know some basic things about them.

Different types of Pool Table lighting

You are able to find four standard types of pool table lights such as 3 shade lights, 4 shade lights, 5 shades lights and tiffany lights.If you have a small snooker table that is 3.7 feet by 7 feet then you need to get 3 shade lights. For longer table, you need 3,5, or 6 shades pool table lighting system. You can also make an order of custom lights depending on your own preference.

stylish design of pool table lights

Green stylish pool table light

pool table lights modern

Zinc and golden pool table lighting

silver lights pool table

Pink pool table with modern silver lights

large size pool table light design

Big light system for large size pool table

Pool Table light Designs

Once you decide about type of light, you need to decide what design would be good for your own pool table. It is good to pick a design that complement overall decoration and theme of your media room. If you have modern theme then definitely you need to go with some unique and chic design of pool table lighting. When you have a classic or vintage style billiard room , it would be good for you to choose pool  table lighting design accordingly.

home pool table light color

Latest design of pool table light for home entertainment room

pool table light designs

stylish zinc pool table with dark pink lights

pool table light designs

Yellow pool table lights for pink pool

big pool table lights

Colorful pool table light designs

Proper Installation is Important

You can enjoy best gaming experience only when you have installed pool table light in a right way. You need to maintain a proper angle between table and light. You have to set light at optimal height which is between  31’’ to 33’’  from table top to bottom of lamp shades.This measurement remain same no matter what kind of lights you are installing.You also need to choose right bulb for your pool table lighting. Normally, 40 watts bulb work well but if you feel it dim then you can go with 60 watts bulb light.

pool table lighting ideas

pool table light modern

Single pool table light design

pool table light colors

Zinc modern style pool table lighting sytem

snooker table light

unique pool table lighting design for home snooker

classic pool table light style

Vintage style pool table lights

After knowing these main facts about pool table lighting, you will feel it easy to set your entertainment room in a right way.


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