How to do Outdoor kitchen Design on a budget?

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Do you want to create a beautiful outdoor kitchen designs? It’s time to know how to do this by sticking with your budget. All you have to do is to follow some basic points or tips which help you cut the cost and get a beautiful patio kitchen on a budget. Let’s explore these tips now.

Go for bluestone countertop

When it comes to selection of kitchen countertops for outdoor space living, you normally opt for granite countertops. These tops are quite expensive. If you want to cut cost then you should go with bluestone countertops. These local tops offer you same finish and look that you really want to see in your kitchen and best of all, you get the same look with half price. It is quite amazing tip to follow for. Some other options to consider for patio kitchen countertops are marble, tile,concrete, slate, soapstone, etc. You can definitely choose one of these options.

Don’t go with Polished Stone Finish

You definitely have to choose proper finish for your kitchen countertops. You should not try very glittery finish because it will badly affect your cooking experience under sunlight. Reflection of light from your premium finish stone may blind your eyes for  a moment or more. Instead of spending money on very polish stone, you should go with natural stone with rough or flat finish. You don’t need to spend high on fancy finish, keep your money saved.

Use Low Voltage electrical lights with Outdoor Kitchen Design

You have to use your patio kitchen at night as well, so you should properly lit this space. however, you don’t need very high voltage lighting fixtures. You should buy low voltage fixtures and install them on backsplash. Lights would well lit your outdoor kitchen space at night and offer you an enjoyable cooking experience. In addition, you can save money  on your electricity bills by using low voltage lighting rather than high voltage’s .

Use Slab-on-Grade Structures

You need some base for your kitchen. It is good to consider slab-on-ground structures as they cost half than normal deeply dug footing.In this structure, shape is dug into ground while gravel is at bottom.This structure is reinforced by steel and it is quite cost-effective options for homeowners.

Try 2-inch Thin-stone Veener Stone

You really want to grab natural stone look in your outdoor kitchen design. This look can easily be achieved at a low cost with 2 inch   Thin Stone veener cover. When this thin layer cover the whole structure of your kitchen, then it looks like the whole kitchen is made of natural stone; this is what you always like to get. Interestingly, it requires less labor than natural stone cover. In simple words, you can save your money by trying this option.

Now what are you waiting for? It is time to work on these tips and save your money. In case you have some more tips then feel free to share with our readers. I am sure it would become easy for you to do outdoor kitchen design on a budget after reading this post.

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