How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets White? Ideas and Steps

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It is indeed expensive to replace kitchen cabinets. So, the most affordable option for changing your kitchen’s look and appearance is to paint its cabinets. Though you have many color options for cabinets to choose from but white cabinets look wonderful and elegant. It is considered the best color for kitchen cabinets. There are many people who want to paint their cabinets own their own, so they always want to know how to paint cabinets white. I decided today to provide them really simple tutorial of painting kitchen cabinets. So, let’s check what I have for you.

lights decor white kitchen

Brown countertops and inverted lights on white kitchen cabinets

Main points to consider before you paint kitchen cabinets white

Before I unlock step-by-step guide for kitchen cabinets painting, I would like to highlight some main points.

  • First of all, if your kitchen cabinets have intricate wood work then you should have some good skills of painting. In case you never did this job before then you need to avoid it because you will not only waste your time but also spoil overall artwork.
  • Before you get paint or anything, you need to know what the exact finish is on your cabinets. When you aren’t very sure then you should remove a drawer or cabinet and take it to paint supplier-who would be able to guide you what exactly you need to paint kitchen cabinets white.
  • It is good to know whether you need a professional hand or not. If level of work is high and you won’t get any help then you might not obtain good results. Don’t mind hiring a professional and then to work together to achieve the best results.
white kitchen ideas

Paint kitchen cabinets white ideas

white kitchen cabinets design

Luxury white kitchen cabinets

paint kitchen white

How to paint kitchen cabinets white

kitchen design white

Stylish white kitchen design

How to paint kitchen cabinets white?

Here are some simple steps to follow

Step No.1 Remove kitchen cabinets hardware and hinges. Clean the surface completely. You need to use a soft rag or cloth for proper cleanliness. It is indeed a very important step. You don’t need to just wipe the cabinets but your task is to do complete scrubbing to remove oils,grease, waxes and grime. Paint would never be set perfectly on a dirty or greasy surface, keep this one thing in your mind.

Step No.2 Now you need to sand the painting surface just to uncover finish surfaces. In case you see dents or grooves in the cabinets then you need to fill them with good wood filler. Once you are done with sanding, you need to use a clean cloth for removing sand dust.

Step No.3 Use a stain-blocking primer designed for glossy surface and then primes the cabinets in a proper way.

Step No.4 Open white paint, apply at least two coats of it on each cabinet. Your task is to get clear finish. Give some time to paint, so it gets dried. Now you need to lightly sand between coats.

Step No.5 When paint process is completed. You need to put cabinets together.

kitchen cabinet white color paint

white paint for kitchen cabinets

white kitchen design

elegant white kitchen paint idea

paint kitchen cabinets white

How to paint kitchen cabinets white tricks

kitchen white design

white elegant paint for kitchen cabinets

floor countertops white kitchen

white kitchen cabinets with dark color countertops and floorho

Finally, you know how to paint kitchen cabinets white. Go and transform your kitchen cabinets look now.

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