13 Pallet End Table Designs for DIY Lovers

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People who like creative touch in home decoration, always like to explore pallet end table designs. So, today I decided to give them a chance to discover some really amazing design ideas of pallet side tables. Although you can find modern coffee and side tables in the market but it is always a fun to play with wooden pallet panels, follow a video  and to make pallet side table step by step.  You get a sense of accomplishment when you follow a Pallet bedside table DIY approach.


We all know the basic steps of making a side table. It is pretty simple.  However, we don’t like to get a table which looks similar to all other table. The real beauty is when the design of pallet bedside table is different from other tables. A unique touch in design is a must to make your table look more attractive and eye-catching for others. So, what to do?

Table Designs DIY Video

It is suggested to not only follow pallet bedside table instructions from this video but also explore some amazing pallet side table plans. If you do this then you will get the most beautiful table designs. Your design will be completely different from the other tables you usually see in every other home.

Once you done with table, you need to choose its paint color. Some people like rustic and vintage theme approach, therefore they go without paint approach. It is a good idea but not the great one. Paint will add a finishing touch to your pallet table. If you don’t paint your table then it look will be rugged and such table can be placed at the side of a rugged style bedroom and living room.

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However, when you paint your table you get a chance to match its theme with the rest of room. For example, if you have decided to keep table in your white living room then you can paint your table either white or a contrast shade such as black. Some people think that beauty of pallet end table with draw will be spoiled if they do paint. It is not right. The pattern and angles of wood pallet panels will remain prominent, even when you paint them.Diy pallet side table plans Diy side table wooden pallet living room Pallet beautiful table designs for living room ideas Pallet bed and bed side table designs modern look Pallet coffee table and end tables Pallet coffee table designs Pallet coffee table instructions Pallet end table for sale designs Pallet end table plans Pallet end table with draw Pallet side table plans design ideas

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