Parquet Flooring Meanings and Styles Options

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Need an aesthetic touch to your floors? Parquet Flooring seems like an idea which can upscale your room appearance in no time. This wood like flooring has been in use for home floor remodeling for many centuries. Normally, you see Parquet floors in TV models home but it doesn’t mean that they are expensive. Its cost is quite reasonable. This kind of flooring was very famous in 1950s and 60s but it’s doesn’t offer vintage look. It adds elegance to a space and that’s why homeowners who need luxury touch to their home often opting for this remarkable flooring option.

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what is Parquet flooring?

Before you  explore wooden flooring design and other information, you surely want to know Parquet wooden flooring definition. The term “Parquet” means flooring made of short pieces of wood arrange in geometrical designs and patterns. The most common patterns are herringbone and basket-weave. But when it comes to modern Parquet floor then you often see some narrow stripes designs.Walnut wooden perquet floor designs lobby colors

Where to Buy ?

You need to visit local market though you can explore Parquet wooden flooring online as well. But local market seems like a great option because you have your chance of exploring each item and its details before you even make payment. You can find such tiles with motifs and varied colors. Usually Parquet  style flooring tiles are made of ash, walnut and oak woods. But you can find premium look wood at a high price.

If you are ready to afford  high price, then you are able to find some tiles which has visual texture and decorative borders.  Such tiles can enhance the visual appeal of your room flooring to a great extent.

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Easy to Install Parquet Flooring

Wooden stripes are bonded together with plywood backs or even you can find plastic, paper and cloth backings. The main idea is to have a light-weight parquet floor tile which is very easy to install. Some tiles have togue-groove edges and you can install them simply with the mean of glue. But when you have thick parquet pattern flooring tile material then you have to nail it carefully.Rustic parquet flooring tiles Refinishing parquet flooring contemporary designs black sectional sofa Perquet flooring stairs designs ideasd

Unfinished or Pre-finished -what to get?

You can find tiles with two different options. Parquet theme floor unfinished parque tiles can be stained on demand. Pick a stain you like and make a difference in overall design pattern. As far as  pre-finishing is concerned, such tiles have tough sealers. You are able to play with color schemes with latter option.Paruqet flooring installationn guide brown sofa Parquet flooring tiles designs red shade cherry red Parquet flooring cleaning grey living room sofa with cushions Parquet flooring ideas Parquet flooring price white living room Perquet flooring stairs designs ideasd

Water-Proof Option

Some manufacturers make it possible for you to install such as amazing pattern flooring texture which shows great resistance to wet environment. These are special tiles which have moisture-resistant coatings and finishes. Therefore, you can install parquet style floor tiles in your bathroom and laundry rooms where water spills and splashes are very common.

In short, parquet floors brings an aesthetic appeal to space and its varied options allow you to decorate different rooms in completely different way.

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