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Peep into Purple bedroom Décor Ideas

If you want to change the theme of your bedroom then you have to opt for purple bedroom. Actually, this color looks simply fantastic and eye-catching. You can add some magnetic appeal to your bedroom, when you try this idea. Here are some important steps that you need to take for purple bedroom decoration.

full purple bedroom idea
Purple bedroom with purple furniture and wall paint

Purple wall décor

The look of your room can easily be changed with the purple wall decoration. You have enormous wall décor options. For example, you can get floral wallpapers or murals. Even you can opt for purple wall graphics. Those who aren’t ready to spend a lot can try colorful decals. The idea is to make your wall very attractive and it would be possible with the wall art. One of the amazing wall décor ideas for your bedroom is to paint the wall in dark or light purple.

purple wall decor for bedroom
Purple bedroom wall decor
purple wall decor for room
Purple room wall decor
purple bedroom wallpaper
Purple wallpaper for room

Focus on Furniture

Once you have decided about wall décor, next thing that is important in purple bedroom is the furniture. Now you have two great options. Either you can opt for purple customized furniture or get some other color furniture. Some people like to get opt for only purple color bedroom while other likes to add some more colors. Black or pink seems great with purple. You can go with or without color combination. In case you aren’t ready to make an order of purple furniture only because this option is expensive then you need to get white or black furniture in the room. Adore this furniture with purple cushions, bedding, etc.

adorable purple bedroom decor
Beautiful purple bedroom decor
purple bedroom furniture
Purple furniture for bedroom
purple bedroom decoration
Decor and design of purple bedroom

Curtains Enhance grace

If you have windows in your bedroom then you can make your purple bedroom simply dramatic with purple curtains. You can opt for another color curtain, when you are going for a specific combination such as black& purple, pink& purple, purple& grey, etc. though plain curtains look wonderful in the room but you may try some pattern such as check, stencils, floral,etc.

bedroom purple curtain velvet
Purple Curtains for bedroom
purple bedroom decoration
Purple bedroom curtains and roof decor
black purple bedroom decor
Purple and black bedroom curtains

If you keep in mind these points while decorating a purple bedroom then you would be able to get the most romantic bedroom for yourself.


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