40 Pink Bedroom Design ideas for Cute Girls

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It has become a universal truth that pink is a shade for girls. 9 out of 10 girls love this shade. Therefore, I decided to unlock 40 pink bedroom ideas for cute girls today. Every design is lovely and suitable for those girls who think that pink is only their regime. They feel like a princess when they stay in a room has pink walls or complete theme with this shade. So, if you want to grab this feeling then you should explore some amazing ideas which can turn a simple room into a fantasy one. Go and design your dreamy pink room now.

40 Pink Bedroom Design Ideas for Cute Girls

I made a collection of all possible design which a girl can try. Whether you want to spread this shade on wall or furniture, you will get complete guideline how to make your room super perfect.  Let’s dig into amazing collection now.

1.Spread Flowers on walls

A 3D wallpaper design is enough to enhance the beauty element. Another thing which you should try is ambient ceiling lights. Round bed makes a real difference in your bedroom.


Beautiful floral wallpaper for pink white bedroom


2. Black Background

Got a silver bedroom furniture set? Don’t forget to boost up its beauty features with black-grey printed wall background. And Yes you need pink-silver wall lamps as well.

Bedroom with white furniture silver nightstands silver pink lamps on black wall backgroun


3. Disney Princess color Scheme

It is one of the best bedroom theme ideas for teen girls. Instead of wooden furniture, one must go for metal furniture. The only reason is to make your room look cuter.

Disney princess theme pink white little girl bedroom

4. Printed Theme

Normally, you get plain theme furniture. But it is time to think different. You can get pink-white floral fabric and then use it to create a beautiful bed headboard , bed and sofa cushions.

Floral light pink bedding set for white pink bedroom


5.Dark and Light Bedroom theme

Keep one wall very dark pink and remaining light pink. This high-low contrast would be simply eye-catching. You don’t have to do much only white furniture would require at the end.

Fuschia bedroom theme pink walls

6.Half Pink Half White Bedroom Furniture

This design idea is indeed attractive. You need to do half-half theme decoration. If you like this furniture set, you have to customize it. Because it won’t be available easily in the market.

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Half white and half pink theme for bedroom

7.Lovely Hearts

This is the best Barbie theme bedroom decor idea for your teen girls.  You can get barbie pillows and sofa easily. Barbie theme furniture comes with cute designs  yet optimal price.

Heart theme bedroom for teen girls pink and white shades

8.Vintage theme idea

Do you love vintage look? You can definitely grab it into your bedroom. All you need to do is to get a furniture with this theme and its right placement will do the complete magic.

Light pink bedroom ideas furniture


9.Go for Blue Walls

Don’t want to have pink wall splash? It is suggested to go for light blue shade as it compliments printed white-pink bedroom design.
Light pink bedroom with acccent chair chandelier and light blue wall paint

10.Cute Pink and White Bedroom

These days, it is not really hard to find some chic pink furniture set for your bedroom. So, go and grab them and overload cuteness in a room.


Light pink furniture designs for bedroom with white floor and walls

11.A touch of Luxury

To be honest, only a rich girl can follow this idea. No offense. Reason is that this design require heavy investment not only on metal furniture but also on ceiling, wall graphics and glass door closet. What do you think?

Luxury bedroom furniture pink white theme

12.Lovely Princess Bedroom Theme

I really like this theme because it remind me of my childhood when I used to watch Princesses cartoons and films. If you don’t get this button backed furniture design easily then you can customize it at a price you can afford. Don’t forget to pay attention to window and wall curtains.

Luxury white pink furniture designs for bedroom

13.Pink and Black bedroom idea

No doubt, pink make a chic contrast with black. The beauty of this room is not only dependent on its furniture but also wall frame decor. So, keep this thing in mind when you are going to follow this design.

Pink and black bedroom idea wall decor and chandelier

14.Printed Pink Walls

Girls must spread pink shade on their bedroom walls once. This shade makes it clear for others that it is a girl room, no matter you are in that room or not. Light pink furniture is not enough to do the magic, you also need pink ottomans.

Pink and purple bedroom ideas



15. Pinkish Red Bedroom Designs

When you have limited space in your bedroom and you want to keep its beauty intact then try this design. Select beautiful pink bedding set, table lamps and sheers. Add a dark pink and red shade as your bed headboard and curtains.

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Pink and red bedroom designs

16.Pink and White bedroom Furniture

Pink and white bedroom furniture sets for teen girl room

17.Light Shades

Pink and white bedroom ideas

18. Green walls with accent chairs Pink bedroom designs for small rooms green wall paint

19.Purple touch

Pink bedroom designs for small rooms

20.Beautiful White headboard 

Pink bedroom headboard designs white furniture

21.Purple bedroom wallsPink bedroom ideas for adults

22.Beige bedroom background

Pink bedroom walls decor ideas

23.Water lilies wallpaperPink bedroom walls

24.Grey background walls for bedroom

Pink cozy bedrom designs for girls


25.Pink fantasy bedroomPink fantasy bedroom ideas

26.Pink and grey bedroom designs

Pink furniture set for bedroom

27.Girly wallpaper 

Pink furniture sets for teen girls

28.Traditional pink theme bedroom

Pink traditional bedroom designs with accent chair wooden night stand and pink lamps


29.Cozy Bedding set 
Pink wall curtains for bedroom

30.Pink Walls and Window treatment

Pink walls white furniture bedroom

31. Polka dot Rug 

Polka dot rug design for bedroom

32.Beautiful bedding

Purple walls bedroom ideas

33.Stunning wallpapers 

Red white and pink theme design for girl bedroom

34.Pink Royal bedroom designs

Royal theme pink purple bedroom theme with gold touch glass closet

35.Perfect Princess Room

Every mother wants to set her daughter room like a princess. I think this pink bedroom design idea is perfect to guide a mother. What do you think?

Teen girl pink theme bedroom decor and designs pink curtain pink wall paint and pink metal bed

36.Double Desire

When you are going to set twin bedroom then you need twin headboard designs. But despite this you need dark pink sheers and curtains. Don’t forget to grab butterfly theme light for your teen girls bedroom.

Twin pink bed design ideas



37.Pink and Fuchsia Bedroom theme

Keep one wall of your bedroom dark and remaining very soft pink. when it comes to furniture, white bed will look amazing with red fuchsia cushions. You need pink rug and walls. You definitely have to place an order for special dark pink sofa shade.


What goes with pink walls

38.Ultimate dark and light lining print

A quick look at this bedroom design makes it clear that you have to get lining print wherever possible. It’s easy to find this theme wall art and bedding set. Buy fabric for chair seats and set this print on your table lamps as well.

White and red checkered theme designs for teen girl room

39.Pink and Silver bedroom

This is a combination you hardly see anywhere. Mix pink with silver wherever possible and the end result will be a chic bedroom. You don’t have to forget about center ceiling globe and bed background lights ; since light do the real magic here.

White backlight for pink bedding set grey rug and curtains in a bedroom

40.Simple Theme

Just look at the picture and you will surely convince that this room doesn’t require much effort. You can grab second-hand pink furniture for the bedroom. But you have to spread charm on walls with pink wallpaper and sheers.

White metal bed set designs for pink theme bedroom



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