Plywood flooring Pros and Cons With Best Design Ideas

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When it comes to floor remodeling, you often consider plywood and hardwood. Both options are great. Today, I would like to share plywood floors pros and cons. But before I started sharing its advantages and disadvantages, you need to check  ideas in the gallery.

Diy plywood plank floors
How to make plywood floors look nice

What is Plywood?

Plywood is a kind of wood that is made of multiple layers of wood veener. Layers are sandwiched together to make a solid piece. You can find a piece with different grades and thickness level. The demand of this flooring has been increasing with the passage of time.

 Pros and Cons

I would like to mention its benefits before I highlights problems with plywood flooring.

Here are its main advantages.


It is strong enough to withstand any kind of environment. No matter you home temperature is cold or hot, it is a good choice.


When you want to do home remodeling on a budget then you should consider it. The price of this kind of floor is half as compared to hardwood flooring. So, it won’t be an expensive option fr you.

Water Resistance

If you compare plywood with fiberboard flooring then former seems like the best choice. It doesn’t soak up water, therefore water damage is less. Though it shows good water resistance but it is still prone to water damage.  In another words, it is not really water-proof.

Easy to handle

You can secure it with a wide variety of screws, glues and nails. Painted design  is becoming really popular.  You can choose some dark paint shades to enhance the beauty of wood pattern and design. Stained plywood flooring is another option which let you add aesthetic appeal to your space.Staining plywood floors Stained plywood flooring Plywood plank flooring problems Plywood plank floor durability

Plywood Flooring Cons

Here are some plywood planks flooring problems.

Not an Alternative to Hardwood

You can save money by picking a plywood but it is never be a true alternative to hardwood flooring. It is less durable as compared to hardwood.

No Formal Finish and touch

With  hardwood flooring, you will always get a professional finish and look. However, it won’t be possible when you have a plywood flooring.

In short, when money is an issue but you still need wood flooring then plywood floors seems like a great idea.Using plywood as finished floor Plywood flooring Images of plywood floors Plywood flooring ideas painting


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