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The Simple Introduction

Décor Crave is all about informative material- it is engaged in providing useful articles and materials to the readers. This blog is fully comminuted in ensuring the privacy, security and identity of the viewers and it is gathering information from across the internet to supercharge the information.  We are not involved in supporting any kind of biased happening/event, thus we don’t promote material based on severe issues such as religion, racism, politics, and discrimination. All the thoughts depicted on the blogs are from our authors only who in no way support/promote anything which criticizes a country, its culture or school of thought which are prohibited under law.

Copyrights Protection

We have been taking good measures in making sure that no copyright laws/contracts are breached by the blog in any way or manner. We have been using some good multimedia content and images to support our research and articles, but we are referencing them properly.  We are not using any copyrighted work/material but when we do we make sure to give it a good reference back to the source where it is taken from and we also mention the individual whom it belongs to. In case there is a part of it we have overlooked, you can contact us back by using the contact us form and do remember to provide us the proper reference so we can take an immediate action.

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