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Purple Bedroom Walls Decor Ideas

If you are planning to make a beautiful change into your bedroom then it’s advisable for you to change color of your bedroom wall. Purple bedroom walls seem to be a great idea. It is a fact that when you apply this color then complete room looks simply wonderful. You don’t need to put a lot of effort on any other kind of decoration.

best design purple bedroom
Purple bedroom walls designs

What colors to choose?

When it comes to choice of purple shade then you have diverse options. People who have light decor in bedroom can opt for very dark purple wall decoration. In case you already have heavy color curtains, bed and other things then you should opt for violet. Your main task is to balance overall theme of your purple bedroom.

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Dark purple bedroom walls
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Purple wall decorate with white tree murals
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Purple walls decor with art pieces
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Soft purple wallpaper designs
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Eggplant walls bedroom
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Best Tree design wall murals for purple wall

Options for Purple wall bedroom walls

You have literally many different options to try for decorations. The best and economical way of doing this decoration is to opt for purple wall stickers or decals. Another great idea that you can try is to paint one wall of bedroom with dark or light shade of purple. Some people like to go for artistic light purple bedroom walls graphics. In such case, you need to get help from an expert. Another idea that cost you a little more than paint or stickers is purple bedroom wallpapers. Though it is a costly option but it allows you to enhance beauty of your room to a great extent.

bedroom purple wallpapers
Purple wallpaper design for bedroom
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Pink and white butterfly tree wall murals for bedroom
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Light purple walls in bedroom
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Stunning purple wall graphics in bedroom
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Violet walls for bedroom
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Purple bedroom walls decor with painting

How to decorate purple bedroom wall?

In case you already have purple walls in your bedroom then you can decorate it in different ways. Hangs some contrast color frames of pictures on it. You can definitely make real style statement by hanging artistic wall hangings. It is good to install some decorative wall shelves and then adore their beauty with art pieces.

bedroom purple walls
Light and dark purple walls decor for bedroom
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Purple wallpapers for bedroom
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Light purple bedroom wall decor
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Purple walls decor with butterfly stickers

So, what are you waiting for? Go and try idea of purple bedroom walls.


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