Most Beautiful Retaining Wall Ideas for Garden Landscape

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Every person, who concerns about his garden beauty always explores retaining wall ideas. The beauty element of your garden landscape enhanced when you have inexpensive walls. When you have them, you are able to balance the landscape and find some area for some other garden ornaments.

What is a Retaining Wall?

It is a wall designed in the garden. It holds soil at one side and free stands on another side.  A well-designed retaining wall is a key for creating the best level sports lawn and a driveway. It can elevate planting areas for better drainage. And it also works as a seatwall.

Focus on  Wall Strength

These walls face heavy lateral earth pressure. Water behind the wall becomes a reason of hydro-static pressure buildup. Due to this heavy pressure many wall fails over a period of time.  You can follow some inexpensive retaining wall ideas but sooner or later you will realize that you took a wrong decision. Cheap  walls don’t have best drainage structure and waterproof facility and therefore they fail all the time. The best draining wall is one that comes with well-designed drainage structure and which must have some sort of water-proof capability.

Types of Retaining Walls

Depends on their height, we can divide them into two types. Wall under four feet are normally built by a contractor and you can’t go with DIY retaining wall ideas at all even when you want to try it. Such walls over four feet require an engineer to complete this job.  There are some people who go with wooden wall ideas. Wood is not a really strong material to be used as retaining walls, so if you have a plan to consider this option then it is time to stop wasting your money on a bad idea.

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Make sure you consider strength and durability factors when you are going to pick contractors for this job.

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