26 Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Couples

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Romance is a spice of life without it you don’t feel alive and happy. No doubt, a romantic bedroom theme plays an important role when it comes to dealing with this spice. Place matters a lot. Your partner would turn on easily, if you offer him/her a very relaxing environment with a tint of love and affection everywhere. Do you want to know how to add romantic touch in your bedroom? If yes, then it is time to get some decoration ideas you should try.

Start with Bedding

You really need soft bed sheet, so both of you feel great on bed. Cotton seems like a good idea but you can go with some luxury appeal silk sheet as well. You don’t need anything formal in your bedroom. Don’t spend too much time finding wrinkle-free sheet. Things can go wild and messy during romance; and you will surely love it afterwards. So, pay attention to comfort and ease.Red and white romantic bedroom idea for valentine's day

Once you done with the fabric, the next important thing would be color. Go with warm shades and if you want to make your day special and unforgettable then hot red  seems like the best shade you can get. Explore  how red bedroom makes you a better lover.

Another idea is to go with favorite shades of your partner.  Pink, white and yellow are bad colors  choice for romantic space, so you don’t need to get themBedroom romance decoration with lamos flowers and heart shape design Make bedroom romantic special night How to make bedroom romantic special night

Keep it Dark but luminous

A romantic bedroom doesn’t need too much light. You can turn on main tube lights and emphasis more on lamps. You need dark space but not completely. If possible get a side nightstand and adore its beauty with wax candles. Keeping scented candles in your room would add aroma in the environment. Just imagine candle lights , aroma, soft bed and your partner. Isn’t it very romantic? I am sure you would like to go with this idea.Flower petals for bedroom decoration for couples Romantic bedroom decor with bath tub and scented candle lights

Heart Decor ideas

When you don’t want to get a red bedding set then another idea to add red shade into your bedroom is to  do heart decoration. For this purpose, you can buy some heart shaped decoration pieces and set them at the side of your bedRomantic master bedroom ideas Romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

Rose Petals

Everyone like red roses look and fragranace, so don’t forget to buy its petals and decorate your dressing table and chairs with it.Newly wed couple bedroom decor with pink flower petals Heart shape design on bedding Make bedroom romantic special night Hearts and cushions decor for bedroom new wedding

Just a Perfume

You definitely know what perfume your partner likes the most. Spray it in your bedroom , so he feels great when he enters into the room. Perfume smell would convey your romance message to him quickly. It is one of the best romantic bedroom ideas for couples.

Ribbons and Balloons

These days, you are able to find heart shaped balloons in varied colors. Red and white are two best shades for the decoration of a lovely room. Set these balloons with the mean of red ribbons. You can hang them with the ceiling fan , so both of you can see them while lying on bed.Romantic bedroom ideas for couples red and white heart balloons Bedroom designs for newly married couplesBedroom ideas for newly married couples Bedroom romance decoration with lamos flowers and heart shape design

Keep it simple

When you are going to do decoration, make sure that you don’t over do anything. Just try to adore beauty of your sensational bedroom with one or two ideas. Keep things simple , so your decoration can tell other person all about your romance desire.Beautiful bedroom for couples

Do you have some more ideas? Feel free to share with us. You ca also try these ideas of Valentine’s  Day.

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