Rustic Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelves for Cozy Rooms

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The room with a fireplace is a hub for all family get-together where all members sit together to tell their stories, to share their moments and to remind the old times. This place is more favorite with old people such as grandmothers and grandfathers because they have plenty of time to kill in a cozy room- their stories are long that must be told in a cozy environment. Did you know that fireplace mantels were getting very popular after World War One because people were considering such accessories as a part of that time’s modern home aesthetics? You would even watch some movie scenes of 80s where heroes were shown with the heroines near curios set right beside the rustic wood fireplace mantel shelves. How could that setting be making any difference in the scene by the way? Well the answer to this question is simple; your heart warms up as long as the log crackles on the grate, it is sort of a romantic sensation to sit beside the fireplace.

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Rustic wood fireplace style

They say that heart should be warm and romantic near the fireplace even when there is no fire burning on the grate. I hope you can get the best sense of this statement. For couples and lovers, the presence of rustic wooden fireplace can be a great resort for the erotic night.

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Rustic wood fireplace details

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Best way to style your rustic mantel fireplace

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Best style of Fireplace

How do Rustic Wood Fireplace Mantels add Beauty?

They add beauty to the room in a variety of different ways. They are usually installed in the television lounge right below the high definition television screen or display. These days you’d see almost all types of contemporary television lounges equipped with rustic wooden mantels. They create a unique ambiance to the environment that allows for love and romance to travel the air in the midnight. This could be a big add on for you as a newly married couple or a couple planning to tie a knot and is living together in a home right now for better understanding.

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Attractive rustic wooden fireplace mantel designs

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Rustic wooden fireplaced decor

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Rustic wooden fireplace mantels

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Old style of Fireplace mantels

Craftsmanship and carvings on rustic wood fireplace mantels

I must mention that rustic wooden fireplace mantels are made on order these days, they can be personalized according to the space and area, in addition they can be customized in their shapes and exterior as well. If you have dark cherry wooden furniture in your room, you can complement the interiors with the rustic wooden fireplace mantel shelves of the same color. Should you need to install the mantel yourself don’t forget to measure the space you have. The mantel should be installed at a fairly high distance from the fire or it may pose some risk to your safety. The mounting board can come handy; you won’t need to raise the wall panel for installation if you have a wooden mounting board to support the installation of rustic wooden fireplace mantel shelves.

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Stylish rustic style

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