Why Shed dormer is Better Choice than Gable Dormer?

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Shed dormers are becoming really popular among those guys who are look for the best design for one and half story home. They bring a practical solution since they add more square footage space to a home. But you need to know that Shed dormer frame is usually oversize and therefore it might great a very large mass on the roof.Adding a dormer to a house

But when you have a great r plan and you balance proportion and scale then end results come in the form the perfect  dormer ; which offers eye-catching home exteriors along with useful space inside.

It is good to know that shed dormers are also named as Dustpan dormers, so don’t get confused if you heard any of those names. They meant for the same kind of dormers. It is a fact that gable dormers are very common but when you have a perfectly-designed shed style dormer than it proves to be a better choice than a gable dormer. Here are some main reasons.

Wide space: Yes, the best plans bring more space both inside and outside. You will get more headroom and functional space inside. Isn’t it really great?

Most of the time gable dormers have set some focal points. But when you have a shed style dormer than it has visual low-key that turns overall house structure to be the star.

More Space with less Effort:  No matter you create a 20-ft shed dormer or a 4ft, you will have to put the same effort while it is not the case with gable dormers. If you need more space then it would require more effort, time and money from your side. Shed style dormer cost is quite reasonable when you compared  to other house plans.

So, what you need more? Think about adding dormer to a house where you want more space and best exterior look.Shed dormer roof pitch

Shed dormer plans with cape cod house plans with shed dormers style country style

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