What are Shiplap Walls? Know Shiplap Boards Installation Benefits

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Do you want to create a rustic look in your room interior? It is possible with shiplap walls. Many of you have heard about shiplap board walls concept the very first time. So, before I share some shiplap board walls decorating ideas with you. I would like to share some information about the material.

Paneling that looks like shiplap grey kitchen countertop granite dining table
What are Shiplap walls?

Shiplap is a kind of wooden board which is used very commonly as external siding for the construction of sheds, barns and outbuildings.  This board is also used for adding rustic appeal and touch to  home walls and ceiling interior.

Shiplap Walls benefits

Here are three main benefits you can grab from this kind of wall decoration.

Easy installation

If you are a person who likes to involve himself into DIY home design project then Shiplap board walls seems like a great idea for you. All you have to do is to use saw and hammer  for the ship walls installation. These two things are enough to set one board over another. Normally, shiplap walls are installed horizontally but you can give your wall a new look with vertical installation of boards.Where to buy interior shiplap bedroom grey walls designs wood floor Shiplap walls home design ideas Shiplap walls cost design ideas for living room

Shiplap walls Cost

Another good news is that cost of doing such wall decor is very low.  Cost of one shiplap pine board walls board per foot is $4. Even when you add the cost of staining, painting and sealing , the price won’t be really high. You can afford inexpensive shiplap walls decorating idea any time soon. Even when you don’t want to install them own your own, labor cost will be very low.Shiplap boards for interior walls at lowes Rustic shiplap walls installation designs Installing shiplap over drywall kitchen

Beautiful Look

People give a preference to shiplap  boardwalls in their home interior because this real-wood product brings rustic textures to the space.  You can use them in almost any room of your home. People usually like to create an accent wall texture with shiplap style walls. For this purpose, they install shiplap pine board walls and then paint it with a modern shade like black or dark grey. When you need rustic appeal in your living room then  shiplap theme walls staining seems like a great option.

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Inexpensive shiplap for bedroom dark grey paint diy shipwalls
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Shiplap walls home depot are usually come with stains and you can set them with elegance in your kitchen or living room. Setting shiplap pine boards lowe’s in your bathroom would help you amplify beauty appeal of your modern bathroom space.



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