Small Open Kitchen living room designs

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Setting an open kitchen in a living room space is becoming really trendy especially when you are living in an apartment with limited space.  In order to make this kind of setting simple for you, I am going to share a small open kitchen living room designs. Explore design gallery.

Small open kitchen living room designs

First of all, you have to think of a proper layout which you need to set.  The l-shaped small kitchen looks simply adorable. But it is not the case always. When space is short, you can opt for the small modular kitchen which you can set anywhere. Even when you need to change the location of your kitchen, you can do it easily.

White small open kitchen living room designs with white living room Stylish open kitchen black and white kitchen island with matching black and white living room theme

Setting small open kitchen living room designs require you to pay attention to basic things such as a sink, countertop, and stove. A small countertop next to your electric stove will work great. A single tub sink is enough for this kind of kitchen as the double sink will capture more space.  Stainless steel sink is the optimal choice for any kitchen as this material is durable and work for a long time.Side small kitchen and dining room with living room setting ideas Open kitchen design in modern apartment with living room wooden flooring Modern white and black open kitchen concept in an apartment with living room sectional Contemporary living room black sectional with open kitchen look

When you are going to set a small open kitchen in your living room, make sure you stay within the theme and pattern. You can match the shade of your living room sofa with kitchen backsplash. For example, if your sofa is dark black shade then you can add the same shade in your backsplash.

The most important thing is the cabinets. You can’t have open shelves in your small open living room kitchen design.  The reason is that people have to sit in the living room and open shelves won’t look great in such a scenario. You have to do the cleanup job time to time. So, I suggest you to go with cabinets and if possible paint the cabinet with the shade of your living room curtains and this is how you harmonize the theme in your kitchen cum living room.

Do you have some more ideas to share? Feel free to comment.

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