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Tall Nightstand Ideas for Unique Bedroom Decor

Looking for unique style bedroom decor ideas? If yes then it is time to dig into some tall nightstand ideas. You don’t need to stick with standard size of nightstand when a slim look taller stand can simply change your bedroom appearance. Before you start exploring ideas, I would like to clear one thing that these stands are not commonly used in bedroom. You need to consider them when you want to decorate your bedroom in a bit of extra-ordinary manner.

Don’t Consider Height and Size Factors

Normally,when you are going to buy a nightstand then you have to compare height of stand with that of your mattress. But when you need tall stand in your bedroom, you don’t have to make comparison of height and size. This furniture item is simply to decorate your bedroom. You don’t need to compare it with other items. It is master piece that would take its place immediately and add charm factor into space immediately.

Tall Nightstand Offers Good Storage Space

Unique decoration is not the only advantage you are able to grab from this kind of stand, actually it comes with many other perks. The biggest perk is extra storage space that you grab from it. A standard nightstand usually has 1 or 3 drawer but this kind is different. You are able to get more than 4 and 5 drawers in it. This simply means that you are able to get a lot of space which you can use to store books, jewelry, towels, and many other items.

Enjoy Different Style Variations 

You are able to get this stand in many different styles. A common style is tall nightstand with drawers. You are able to customize this tyle and get as many drawers as you like. It is good to keep numbers of drawers limited to 7 or 6 otherwise such drawers might not look great at your bed side.

Another style which is quite useful is tall nightstand with pull out tray. This tray comes in handy when you have to keep coffee or tea cup on your side. You can keep drinks and snacks at bed side without disturbing your table lamps and side rose vases.

If storage is your first priority then you should consider tall nightstand with doors. Wooden style of such stands are very common. People use it normally to grab good amount of storage space. You have got an idea of different styles. It’s up to you to grab one style that seems like the best option to you.

How to Decorate Your bedroom with This Unique Stand

The height of this stand is not normal, so you may definitely want to know how to decorate your bedroom with it. I am going to share some beautiful design and decoration ideas with you. Take a close look of this collection that helps you arrange this furniture item in a right way without affecting the beauty appeal of a room.

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