16 Fantastic Toddler Furniture Ideas for Parents Inspiration

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Selection of toddler furniture is going to be a very comfortable decision for you.All you have to do is to focus on some important points which helps you do transition from crib to bed in effortless manner. You have to turn a baby nursery room into toddler room. This change definitely requires investment of time, money and energy. So, if you are going to do this transition you have to consider some main points.

Choose Right Size

Size of Toddler furniture is quite important. You can find varied sizes and designs. Instead of getting a bed or kids chair with small size, you should prefer a medium size. If you go with a small size then after one or two year, you need a bigger size bed. This means you have to spend money again and again. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to get a bigger furniture set so you don’t have to do remodeling repeatedly.

Grab Much Needed Toddler Furniture items

Toddler furniture includes bed, dress and cupboard. You also have to get a small chair or bean kids sofa. When it comes to shapes of furniture, you can surely find some amazing cartoon designs. If your kids love to watch a cartoon, then it is quite possible to find theme bed based on that particular cartoon character.  You need to pick designs of toddler furniture by keeping in mind personal choice of kids. After all, this room has to be used by your kids and he must feel like it.

Select Attractive Toddler Bedding Designs

A toddler beds must be decorated with vibrant bedding designs. Interestingly, you can set a complete cartoon theme such as Disney Princess, Super Man, Iron Man, Super Mario, and Mickey Mouse bedroom theme with exclusive cartoon bedding designs. Even it is quite simple for you to locate matching curtains and rug designs based on a cartoon theme. Online search is required from your end. You are able to find theme designs of bedding, curtains and rugs from online stores. All you have to do a bit of search.

Choose Best Paint Color with Toddler Furniture

You need to pay good attention to wall decor in your toddler kids bedroom. You have multiple wall decor options to choose from. Wallpaper and wall decals seem like a great ideas as you are able to make room’s wall attractive with great ease. No doubt, wall paint stays for long time. This means that you have to think about vibrant paint colors such as purple, dark blue, dark pink, orange, mustard, red, green, etc.

Consider Storage and Space in Room

When you are going to buy toddler furniture, you should know how much storage is required. You can find beds with built in storage as well. But it is good to get some extra storage space in room by installing wall cabinets and shelves. A dresser and closet also offers you extra space, especially when you have a small room.


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