Travertine Tiles Pros and Cons Must Know

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Travertine tiles add aesthetic appeal to a space. Today, I will share travertine tiles pros and cons. You must know what benefits you can get from polished  tile and how to do care. Let’s get information below. But first you need to discover its pictures gallery.

Travertine vs marble
What are travertine tiles

Travertine Tiles Pros and Cons

Here are some main advantages of this tile.

Low Price 

If you make a  price comparison of travertine vs marble then you will come to know that travertine tile  price is half than other natural stones. Though it is an inexpensive tile flooring option yet offers the same level of durability you get with marble and other natural stones.

Beautiful Appearance

They are available in a wide variety of patterns and styles. So, you can pick a design that brings extra style to the space.


One of the travertile flooring pros is that this tile last very long time. It offers strong grip and you can place it in a bathroom and in any other place. It has strong resistance power against extreme weather and temperature which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor living room.

Easy to Shape

You can cut easily to a desirable shape. Therefore, homeowners are in a possible to cut the tile and set it to narrow and wide places with complete balance.Travertine tiles pros and cons Travertine tile cleaning Travertine tile backsplash for kitchen Travertine flooring pros and cons Travertine floor tiles

Problems with Travertine tiles

Now I would like to highlight some shortcoming of this flooring tile.


This tile is porous. With the passage of time these deep pores start showing wear and tear. And therefore they need repair and replacement.

Acid Sensitivity

They are made of calcium carbonate therefore it is highly sensitive to acid. When it comes to  tiles cleaning, you shouldn’t use any kind of flooring acid. If you do this then your tile beauty will be affected very badly.

Heavy Maintenance

The major problem with travertine tiles is its maintenance.This tile is vulnerable to etching and staining like other natural stones. So, you have to use special products to seal this tile and keep its chic finish. You need to clean the spill as soon as it happens, so no stain will be on your tile.

So, now you have got an idea about  pros and cons. would you like to consider it for your home floor remodeling? Share your thought with us.Problems with travertine tile Price of travertine tile Polished travertine tile

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