Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Decorating Ideas

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Typhoon Bordeaux granite is a very popular marble stone used for kitchen countertops. People like to set Typhoon Bordeaux in the kitchen because its shades are full or energy and its patterns are eye-catching. The base of typhoon  granite is usually ivory, cream, white or grey. The main thing which boost up its beauty and charm is its strong lines of deep wine red and rose. This type of granite just not have the flat lines but some lines are similar to water waves.  Let’s dig into the design collection of bordeaux granite countertops.

These granite countertops have  a bright background and if you can find this granite with dark black line then this kind of contrast is indeed the best choice for kitchen.  Sometimes, typhoon  granite slab has a bit of gold swirled and this pattern bring a sunset effect into the design –which you never want to miss at any cost.

Netuno Bordeaux Granite

It is another famous kind of bordeaux granite which is also knows as River bordeaux granite. It has deep linear pattern. This particular stone has strong diagonal rivers of wine red, grey or cream with black mica or quartz line on the slab. This granite brings amazing colors in your kitchen. Just like bordeaux granite countertops, this stone also bring a powerful energy into your space.

Typhoon bordeaux granite Decorating ideas

Here is what you can do to make the most from this design.

Set them with Honey Oak Cabinets

This would be a wonderful combination. Since typhoon Bordeaux has light shade so you can create a contrast with dark honey shade kitchen cabinets.Typhoon bordeaux granite with honey oak cabinets Typhoon bordeaux granite backsplash ideas


Make a Combo with Cream Cabinets Bordeaux countertops

When you got ivory of cream base in your granite then you can add the same colors in the cabinets. This family color combination will make your kitchen look soothing and modern at the same time.Typhoon bordeaux granite pricing Typhoon bordeaux granite with white cabinets Typhoon bordeaux granite countertops Typhoon bordeaux granite kitchen photos with white kitchen cabinets Typhoon bordeaux laminate

Typhoon bordeaux granite with White Cabinets

White for kitchen cabinets is indeed the best shade , no matter what kind of granite countertop you are going to play. White cabinets with this type of countertop makes a great combo which is super attractive all the time.Netuno bordeaux granite Granite typhoon bordeaux colors Typhoon bordeaux granite countertops with dark cabinets

The best  backsplash Ideas

As this stone has ivory, cream and grey in the base, so it is suggested to have the same color backsplash.  Some people try to match the backsplash shade and design with the whole stone, which is difficult but not impossible. So, when you find this match-match then you should go for it. The end result of this perfect matching will be super appealing.

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