Useful Mantel Decorating Ideas for Rooms

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You have just had a new fireplace mantel installed in your room and now you are looking for some useful mantel decorating ideas for rooms because you are quite concerned about décor due to your social activities. People come to visit you in person and you like keeping new companies- of course that’s why we are known as social animals.

There is tens of mantel decorating ideas for rooms; however the ones I am sharing are quite easy to follow because they are cost-effective.

Colorful Vases and Pots with flowers inside:

The selection of the flowers would be different from season to season. Many try to put just one flower into the bud of vase but many make the use of freshly bloomed branches. Tall vases with forsythia can be placed for as a part of spring season. Forsythias are yellow flowers they would add colors to the wooden colors, of course fireplace mantels are usually of cherry wood or simple rustic wood colors. Being on the dark side they need to be decorated with something that can bring out the beauty at its fullest and the colorful flowers are the best option.

Flower themes can be best carried out during the summer season, there are also some other décor elements available round the clock which can be incorporated with the flowers such as gourds, mini pumpkins, and pine cones.  The interesting garlands braided with flowers, lilies and different floral accents can be used with pearls and other stuff, but they should be in a big vine so that they can be propped against the wall of the mantel. Small pots with mini freshly blossomed flowers would be another option for you.

candles for fireplace decoration

Fireplace decoration with candles

candles fireplace mantels

Decorate fireplace mantel with candles

mantel decoration

Flowers vines for Fireplace mantel decor

mantel decor with flowers

Flowers for mantel decor

fireplace decorating ideas

Flower Vases for Fireplace mantel decoration

Sculptures and Artwork: Exciting fireplace Mantel decorating ideas

Beautiful sculptures, paintings and artwork on canvas are name of few elements which make a best match with the rustic wooden fireplace mantel. If there are artistic colors used in the paintings they would definitely give a new and exciting impression to the entire room, making it more lively and beautiful.  The sculptures can be of anything, it can be someone from the history or someone you truly follow or adore in real life. Not to mention that everything from the art can be included in creative fireplace mantel decorating ideas, it’s just that how you want to use it for your advantage.

mantel decorating ideas

Art and Craft Mantel decorating ideas

mantel decoration ideas

Art and craft for fireplace mantel decor

mantel decoration

Best art goods for mantel decor

mantel decoration

Art and craft pieces mantel decorating ideas

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Modern art decor pieces for mantels

Candlesticks and Candles stands:

Candles are seen as a part of antique or erotic mantel decoration idea and this really works when you live with your husband in home.  You need more energy to pull the triggers and you need an environment to take the best feelings out towards your partner. Candlesticks are good for this purpose, you can lit the candles during night when you sit together to watch television.

mantel decoration with candles

Colorful candles for mantel decor

Candlesticks for fireplace decoration

Candlesticks for fireplace decoration

fireplace decor ideas

Mirror and Candles fireplace mantel decorating ideas

candles fireplace decor

Simple fireplace decorating ideas with candles

mantel decoration with candles

Candle stands for mantel decor

There is no need to light the candles throughout the daylight because remember that you are placing it on the mantel which is very combustible. You don’t want anything around the wood, which can burn easily. So you have got to keep an eye on the candles, try not to light them if you are  not planning to around anywhere near room with the fireplace.

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