Victorian Living Room Color Schemes and Decorating Ideas

If you want to set Victorian Living room theme then it is time to know all about layout, paint colors, curtains and decoration color schemes. This living room designs requires your full attention and you can buy online living room furniture for sale at a discount price.

Modern Victorian style Living room

If you don’t want a traditional Victorian style living room furniture, then you have a chance to have your hand on modern designs. They are compact and sleek but with vintage appeal- which is a must for maintaining the main theme of your living room. But you can’t buy sectionals and very contemporary sofa sets. Such furniture items won’t let you create a real theme. So, you should make a right choice.Contemporary victorian living room decoration with accent chairs and vintage black coffee table

Victorian living room Layout

As far as layout of this room is concerned, you have to make sure that center is the focal point. You need to keep all your furniture item in the center. In a modern living room, you set a sectional living room furniture close to wall. This is what you don’t have to do in a Victorian style living room at all. The furniture of this room will be placed in the middle and almost 5 inches away from the wall. No matter you are going to place a five seaters Victorian sofa or a six-seater, this layout will remain intact.Large victorian living room design red wall paint printed curtains with matching sofas

Victorian Living Room Paint colors

You can pick dark and warm shades for this particular theme living room. If you are going to set black furniture with gold touch then you can spread black wallpaper or paint on the wall with a little texture and beauty.Beautiful victorial style living room designs decoration with glass coffee table with golden legs Victorian living room curtains beautiful wall paint small room Victorian living room layout golden and white living room furniture set

Soft shade choices seems great when your  furniture has soft and light shades such as peach, brown, light grey, white,etc.

You don’t have to go for fancy colors and wall themes at all. The main idea is to have plain warm or soft shades that matches to or make a contrast with your living room furniture.

The Best Colour Schemes

When we talk about color schemes then we have to look back into Victorian Era when fancy colors such as yellow, green, blue were not really common and desirable. People like to set their living room with soft shades such as beige, peach, light brown, dark black, golden, silver and white,etc.

A metallic touch in your  furniture is a must. If you are going for button backed white sofa then its golden or silver lining makes your furniture looks simply chic.

You need to go with match-match theme when it comes to picking living room furniture, wall paint and room accessories. For example,when white is prominent in furniture then you need to use white lamps and a big wall mirror with white frame.Victorian living room paint colors red and gold furniture colors Victorian living room colour schemes dark green floor and wall with brown fabric furniture sets Victorial living room wooden flooring and areas rugs Victorial living room wall decoration ideas Black wall paint designs ideas with printed wall paper skin furniture sesigns victorian living room lighting fixtures Beautiful white victorian style living room decoration with lamps

What  Curtains to Hang on Windows?

This living room is designed with large windows most of the time. So, when it comes to decoration of modern room walls, then you should make sure that you pick floor-dropping kind curtains. Printed curtains are very common. But you can match the shade of curtain with the furniture. Another idea is to create curtains contrast with the walls for utmost beauty and appeal.Purple victorial living room furniture designs

Small Victorian Living Room Ideas

When space is small but you still need to set Victorian theme in your living room then you should give a preference to accent chairs over sofa sets. Accent chairs with gold and silver linings and intricate frame design patterns would give you a chance to set a really attractive Victorian style living room theme with beauty and grace.Victorian living room curtains beautiful wall paint small room



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