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20 Mind Blowing Window Blinds and Shades Ideas

With different colors,materials,and styles in window blinds and shades you will definitely feel so much overwhelmed because there are too many choices available.
Use your imagination, creativity and conception while you plan to have window treatments done on the entire home. This project would require you to invest some time, thinking about the designs and styles which are up to the standard of modern interior, in addition to it, you will also need to consider the overall theme of the home.
Since every room of your home has different textures, wall colors and furniture designs, your window blinds and shades must be chosen with the features you have in each room. The colors also matter here. If your bedroom has a black furniture you must have the same colored window treatments done on the area to make a match and to make a harmony in the colors, this is what considered as balance in interior.

You cannot choose just random window blinds for the window treatments, a specific design should be installed in each room and so. There are so many other things you need to consider when you have the treatment done such as:

No completely black out:

In some rooms of your home such as kitchen and bedroom you may need some day light to do daily activities and errands. If you will keep using the lighting all the day long it will also add more to the monthly electricity bill, so why not cut down on the energy use and go for the natural light.
Though window blinds and shades are designed to cover the window and to block the light to reach the inside of the space but if you adjust their positions a bit you can easily manage to have some day light in. At least you will some light which will not produce any heat and harm. You may not want to block the light completely out of space, you want to reduce its access to the area, so with the covering you can just decide how much light you need.

Season and weather:

When you choose a material for window treatments you need to pick the right color, style and design. For instance all homeowners who live in humid and warm areas should have lighter blinds installed on the windows. You don’t want day light ray to heat up the room interior, so you must find a material that can tolerate the heat easily and is very eco-friendly itself as well. For th dark colors we know that they absorb more heat. In the same way, for homes in cold locations you should choose modest or medium coloring in the shades.

Design and quality:

Where all features such as colors and styles matter, two other features you need to look for are design and quality. Do not go for the low quality window coverings, they may just cover the windows and provide no benefit at all, they will not have a long life as well. Choose the best quality material for the interior as well as exterior window treatments because you won’t be doing the project every week or so, it will be done once so it must be done in the best way and has some satisfactory results.

20 Cool Window Blinds and Shades Design Ideas

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