Window Valances Ideas With Different Styles and Shapes

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It’s time to check some amazing window valances ideas which you can apply to enhance your beauty of your home interior. I would like to share a gallery with different styles of valances, so you have a better option to pick the right style for your room.

What is a Window Valance?

Valance is a short window treatment for upper part of the window. Normally, it’s length is 8 to 10 inches. The main purpose of it is to hide the curtain rod and other hardware use in the large window treatments. Hiding the rods means simply enhance appeal of a window without blocking much light.Anna linens kitchen window valances

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Different Themes of Valances

Here are some amazing themes you can try with valances and swags.


This theme is quite common in window valances for kitchen. Printed pattern  valances are used to hide the small curtain rods of the kitchen windows.


This is indeed the best theme  for living room. You need to match the theme of valances with your living room furniture and walls. Most of the time, people pick modern style curtains with contemporary custom window valances. So, you can go for the same idea.


This type can be adopted in any room. However, mostly you see it in the dining room.


When you have traditional bedroom or living room theme then you can use box valances ideas. This pattern is classic and bring vintage appeal along with it.

Different Styles of Valances

Here are some common styles which you see in valances ideas for large windows.

Swag Valances

As the name shows, such valances are created with swags.  Normally, this style is common when you pick a formal theme or setting in a room. This style is longer at each end raised in the center. As far as jabot is concerned, it is usually structured and unstructured with draped effect.

Balloon Valances

If you like layers then you will surely love this style of valances. It has many layers while filler is placed between layers to offer a very aesthetic look.

Pleat Valances

It is also named as a pleated valances. This style uses a box pleat, pinched plate or a spaced one. Box plate has square pleat pattern.  A pinched pleat valances is quite similar in shape with draperies. A spaced pleat valance has few pleats with equal distance.


Any valance which is stiffed is Cornice one. Rigid material like wood is used to create a cornice. After its manufacturing, it is painted and covered with fabric.

Now you have got windows valances ideas with different themes and styles. Which style would you like to grab for your own window treatment?

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