Windows with Built In Blinds Benefits and Style Ideas

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Need the best window treatment for your home? Consider Windows with built in blinds. This is indeed the best options for those people who don’t like to clean traditional window and looking for the best solution of their problem. Today, I would like to share details of best brands that offers built in blinds. In addition, I will tell you main benefits and shortcomings of this window treatment.

What are Windows with Built in Blinds?

This idea is quite new for many people. So, it is better to get complete understanding before I share information about its benefits and brands. It is a special kind of windows in which blinds and shades are switched inside the glass. Blinds or shades inside have special feature. You can raise and lower them whenever you like.  People often inquire about windows with blinds within the glass price and cost. Definitely, they need to pay a little more for this special kind of window since it brings special feature. You have to pay a little more for blind feature.

Pella windows


Top 4 Brands for Windows

Here are some popular brands that bring such a great facility for homeowners.

1.ODL Blinds/Shades

Whether you are looking for shades or blinds between the glass windows, this is a brand that can serve you in the best manner. Blinds will offer optimal privacy while shades allow some light to come in. You can slide and tilt the blinds. As far as shades are concerned, you can move them from top and bottom. That’s mean you can get full control over your windows treatment. Shades of ODL have a guarantee that they won’t get yellow with the passage of time.Sliding patio doors with blinds between the glass

2.Pella Windows with built in Blinds

It is a very popular brand that brings designer series of blinds for windows. When you read reviews of customers then you come to know that they are very satisfied from Pella windows treatment. This brand brings snap-in approach for blinds installation in windows and patio doors. This option makes it easy for you to change the blinds whenever you like. That’s mean redecoration process becomes simpler.Pella windows with built in blinds

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This brand offers blinds for French patio doors and entryway doors. Blinds don’t have movement function but they come with lit option.Pella windows built in blinds


This brand offers windows and doors with blinds between the glass. Although you can find windows and patio doors in varied colors, shapes and size but blinds are standard. They bring a remote system which let you raise and lower the blinds according to your desire.Patio doors blinds ideas

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Benefits of Windows with Built in Blinds

Here are some benefits which convince home users to go for these special windows.

  • Blinds won’t collect dirt, grime and allergens at all. So, it is a super hygienic option to try for home members safety.
  • If you a person who has some sort of dust allergy then it is the best window treatment you can get for your health.
  • You don’t need to spend money or time for blinds installation.
  • The slats of blinds won’t get damaged. This feature makes it a good and safe option especially when you have young children at home.
  • Blinds inside window glass make your windows more energy efficient.
  • They don’t need any kind of cleaning. As no dust is collected on your blinds, therefore they always look new.

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So, what you need more? It is time to give a try to this option. Don’t forget to read blinds reviews before you buy any product for your home.




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