11 Amazing Wood Accent Wall Designs in 2019

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Going to change your room walls? I suggest you to think about Wood accent wall which instill depth, warmth and texture into your space. There are many different designs when it comes to adding a beautiful accent into your wall through wood. Today, I would unlock 11 amazing designs that help you gain a focal art piece in any space you want. Every one who will enter into your room, immediately notice that wall and won’t hesitate to praise your sense of style and good taste. Let’s check my collection of wood wall designs.A 3D wood Wall Divider with wooden stairs are making a great combination in a living room and dining room combo. This multi-color wooden wall is serving not only its main partition purpose but it also serve the background decoration needs completely.

Beautiful wood wall divider in a living room and dining space

A blend of plain and textured wooden wall is set in place to compliment wooden floor of grey bedroom. A tint of grey is added into the background wall just to offer a coherent theme look.

Brown textured wall with wood in a bedroom

Classic plain wood wall door is serving a great purpose in a home office. It looks like a piece of art that totally demonstrates it timeless beauty.

Dining room with wood accent wall

Vertical stained wooden planks are adding modern appeal to a bedroom. A dark wooden floor is making a chic contrast with this accent wall. To enhance beauty element of this wall, light scones and colorful Abstract painting is set in a chic way.

Grey bedroom with accent wood wall


Add color pop into your wooden repurposed wall and see how it will do the real magic in your patio. It would serve the background of patio furniture and you can decorate them with outdoor tiny planters.

How to decorate a wood accent wall

Dark stained black grey mix wood accent wall is simply adding elegance into a living room where accent chair are used. Black framed medium size white weather reflecting paintings definitely go with this textured wall background.

Modern brown living room with matching wood wall

Using honey shade stained wooden wall as the background of your entertainment center is nothing but exotic. You can also find some wooden planks to cover your partition wall. That area would be used to keep indoor plant on organized shelves.

Modern living room wooden accent wall decorated with tv shelves and plants

when you don’t like square pattern of wood then an exception wood come in the form of wave like wood accent wall. Stained it with white grey paint and install it as the background of your black bedroom furniture. This is how you can make a beautiful white-grey bedroom theme simply eye-catching.

Peel and stick white wood accent wall in a bedroom with round area rug

Multi-tone Wooden wall with 3D texture and pattern might serve as the best background you have in your modern living room. Don’t forget to adore beauty of this wall with wall size vertical art-piece which would add a bit of division and drama into this wall.

White wood accent wall decor in a living room with light sofa

Ready to set Wooden wall art piece would amplify elegance and style when it is set next to plain white wall and white bedroom furniture set. It would become the focal point of your bedroom. Having such art-piece means don’t spending more money on any other decorative item.

Wood accent wall decorating ideas for bedroom

Multi-color asymmetrical wood accent wall would definitely bring charm into your bedroom. Colors of your wall can be blended into your bedroom easily. For example, you can see beige shade as the bedsheet, accent chair and area rug. Black tiled floor reflect black wood shade of the wall. Last but not the least, wooden dark shade floor is similar to wood colors you see in the wall.

Wood accent wall in bedroom

Add some charm and beauty element into your room by setting a wooden wall with chic accent.

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